4 Meta World, a Blockchain Game Aggregator is Entering Its Age

The distributed storage, DeFi, and NFT in the blockchain field has made great strides in 2021. With the continuous development and integration of the sectors, decentralized financial products are demonstrated in the form of games. Game props have become independent, value-added and tradable NFTs with the rules of DeFi. So far, the GameFi sector with “Play to Earn” as the core has been born.

In 2022, many high-quality GameFi projects are being launched one after another. As one of the projects, will 4 Meta World be different compared with Steam, a traditional gaming platform? In this article, you will be taken into the 4 Meta World and learn more about it.

What is 4 Meta World?

4 Meta World is a GameFi aggregator that integrates trading, social networking and many high-quality blockchain games. In the context of the increasing prevalence of Web 3.0, it aims to build a complete blockchain game ecosystem governed by the form of DAO.

In terms of development planning, 4 Meta World benchmarks against the traditional game platform Steam. It adheres to the form of DAO governance and aims to develop GameFi products in the best interests of users by optimizing their rights and interests, and empowering tokens. It will launch two games on the platform: Meta Fantasy and MobVerse.

Meta Fantasy describes a story of Fantasy Fairy to players, based on the fantasy world. The game’s art style has been designed by a well-known game company in South Korea. It will be released recently. In addition, 4 Meta World has acquired MobVerse, a mafia-themed RPG game developed. After it is adapted to the economic system of 4 Meta World, MobVerse will be available to players.

What are the highlights of 4 Meta World?

Two-dimensional animation + GameFi platform

4 Meta World has cooperated with well-known Korean software development companies to create two-dimensional art graphics for games. The animation users themselves have a certain consumption power and highly overlapped with game users. Therefore, the combination of its two-dimensional animation IP with the GameFi platform is significant for GameFi to make a breakthrough and retain game users.

DAO governance

4 Meta World adopts DAO governance and decentralizes the ownership and management of the game. In this way, the decision-making power and the accumulation of cash flow will ultimately come to the player community rather than the game developers. By combining GameFi with DAO, 4 Meta World players can participate in the formulation and improvement of game rules and enjoy more freedom than they do in traditional games. Moreover, DAO is more cohesive. It breaks the time and space constraints by the borderless cooperation of the decentralized network and gains a wider range of users and loyal builders of the platform. At the same time, this form of governance will stimulate the enthusiasm of users to a greater extent and each of them will be more willing to play to their individual strengths, thereby bringing about a strong synergy effect.

The designers of 4 Meta World strive to build a user-friendly GameFi aggregator and to make it more influential through tokens and NFTs. In this process, 4 Meta World associates NFT with the project’s personal identity at the cost of their own interests so as to maintain a good ecosystem in a positive-sum manner.

4 Meta World links

Official Website:https://www.4meta.world



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