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A Public Sale of SONT Token Began

Have you ever dreamt of crypto exchange that would be perfectly safe, looked well and contained many features typical for the 21st century? These days may not be far away, because of Sonata.ai project. Its creators believe that there is a considerable gap in the market ready to be filled by a modern user-oriented platform for traders of all kind.
Their dream became closer to reality on 1st March 2019 when the company started a public sale of its security token known as SONT. It will grant its owner 80 % of fees collected by the exchange. While the project is already fully funded, the public sale serves as a lure for potential investors and traders who would like to spend their money via new exchange.

ICOs Are Dead, Long Live STOs!

The release of SONT token comes at days when the cryptosphere witnesses the end of one age and birth of the new one. Initial Coin Offerings dominated the market since 2017 and helped to raise millions of dollars through public funding. The vast amounts of money, however, attracted speculators who came up with assets without any value. They collected payments and disappear leaving the investors empty-handed. That is why the market stopped to draw new means since people did not want to risk losing their money.
Because the potential in cryptos is unlimited, it soon became clear, that the companies will look for new ways how to gain public funding. That is when Security Tokens Offering emerged as a completely safe means of investments. The trades are made similarly to the stock market, and every invested dollar is protected because securities exist within a legal framework. SONT token belongs among these and promises its owner a sustainable share on the prize as a compensation for the initial payment.

The Top-Notch Exchange to Follow

However, the SONT token is not the Sonata.ai´s main asset. The main reason, why experts and the wider public widely discuss it is that it is currently building a new crypto exchange. The creators promise a revolutionary approach, use of modern technologies and innovative concept of protection.

The formation of Sonata.ai exchange is led by professional web designers cooperating with brokers who want to create a tool for both beginning and expert traders. They focus on making a user-friendly interface with various functionalities which should help the traders to make their fortune. The extensive use of AI algorithms to predict the future move of the commodities will help to decide whether to buy or sell. Beginners can rely on Artificial Intelligence as well as it will provide needed support and assistance to make the trading as profitable as possible.

The top-notch exchange must offer top-notch protection. The exchange uses multilayer protection made by experts in the sphere of cybernetics. Every transaction will be encrypted, and the assets will be stored on the hard wallets to render the internet breaches ineffective. The EU-based company also follows strict European legislation concerning the personal data policy. It cannot trade with the personal information of its clients or investors.

One of the prominent targets of Sonata.ai is to enable trading of securities on a single platform. The company representatives are undergoing a series of difficult negotiations with regulatory bodies of individual states and pay large sums for licenses and legal services. If the effort is successful, the exchange will become an enormous marketplace of securities in the world.

The Highest Ambitions

Sonata.ai has the biggest ambitions. The exchange strives for TOP10 of crypto exchanges in terms of liquidity. Its creators believe that the combination of fresh design, impenetrable security and a broad spectrum of features shall help them to reach the goal. Let´s have a look at the summary of functions that were confirmed so far:

• Multilayer security and hardware wallets to store the data safely
• High performance using a combination of Python and Go and JavaScript, a system that is also used by gigantic companies like Google, Facebook or Reddit
• Protection from negative trade and negative balance
• A social tool with the group and P2P chatting to discuss business and life as well
• AI-based assistants for beginning and price predictions
• Security tokens listing

Just a short glance at the list proves that the crypto investors have something to look forward to. If the creators are able to fulfil all their promises, Sonata.ai will surely become the most technologically advanced crypto exchange.

For more information visit sonata.ai.

For media inquiries, please contact Radim Bastan at [email protected].

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