Airdrops & Bounties 2023

The largest ERC20 Token Airdrop and Bounty Directory. Connect your Wallet and GRAB YOUR FREE TOKENS. Airdrop-Alert is an independent Airdrop and Bounty database and is not affiliated with any projects or companies. Our Interest Level does not constitute financial or investment advice. We receives a fee for advertising certain Airdrops and Bounties, in which case such listing will be designated accordingly.

STEP 1 : Connect your Wallet with the Airdrop-Alert dApp on the Ethereum Network. (0.00 Fee)
STEP 2 : You need to enable eth_sign in MetaMask. Go to Settings > Advanced > Toggle eth_sign requests.
STEP 3 : Choose Airdrop or Bounty. Select your desired ERC20 Airdrop or Bounty from our list. Visit the projectís website or join their community.
STEP 4 : Grab free Tokens. Complete the given Task to get your Bounty or just grab the free Tokens from the Airdrop List. The Tokens are credited to your Wallet immediately. (0.00 Fee)

A few airdrops and bounties are only left on the website. Claim your rewards as soon as possible.

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