AMOS  – Bringing Sports and Blockchain Together

The University of Cambridge estimates that each year more than 670,000 people die because of lack of exercising. According to another study, 30% of the global workforce spends more than 9 hours sitting at their workstations. As the world economy becomes more knowledge-based, this percentage will surely mount up. This sedentary lifestyle is accompanied by several health-related problems like muscle atrophy, heart diseases, diabetes, high blood pressure, etc. Therefore, it is important to exercise daily in order to stay fit and avoid health complications.


The AMOS  Solution

AMOS is a unique platform that has seamlessly combined blockchain technology and fitness to develop a revolutionizing platform. This sports mining system rewards users for their contributions. It has also incorporated AI, machine learning and big data to offers valuable insights that help users understand their health condition better and take effective measures to get the desired results.


AMOS Smart Sport Watch

AMOS Smart Sport Watch calculates various health aspects of the users who are wearing the smartwatch and offer insightful data with regards to their health and fitness status. Additionally, depending on the time and effort they spend on exercise and sports activities, AMOS incentivizes users through token feedback. One of the distinguishing features of the AMOS smartwatch is that users can get feedback from AMOS about their fitness programs. The data collected within the servers are analyzed in order to offer users’ personalized training programs.


Features of the Smart Sport Watch 

  •       Sport Incentive Reward

➢        Rewards in exchange for gathered mileage and calorie consumption

➢        Releasing quests for rewards

  •       Sport Community

➢        Chat and Network

➢        Create teams to complement quests

  •       App Health Management

➢        Monitoring sport condition

➢        Physical improvement plan

  •       Sport Intelligence Analysis

➢        Giving feedback with sport data

➢        AI Algorithm

➢        Health Info

➢        Improvement plans


Smart Gym

In order to bring its digital concept to offline, AMOS has tied up with a South Korea based health and fitness organization to set up smart gyms all across the world. All the gym equipment will be connected to the AMOS servers wherein the fitness data of users will be stored. Once users finish their exercise, they will receive feedback from AMOS that will help them improve their existing fitness regime. AMOS facilitates the same by integrating AI, machine learning, and big data technologies that offer system accurate health and sport related data for analysis. Furthermore, the team also intends to provide users AI coaches that will offer effective training to users on how to work with specific equipment and adjust postures to avoid physical injuries, thereby eliminating the need of physical coach.


Features of Smart Gym 

  •       Reservation

➢        Reserve system for equipment

➢        Notifications

➢        Population control


  •       Autonomous Management

➢        Pay on mobile

➢        Door lock by the app


  •       Data Gathering

➢        User verification

➢        Equipment data

➢        Transformation data

➢        Action track


  •       Smart Environment

➢        Temperature sensors

➢        Oxygen level sensors

➢        Customized equipment


  •       Data Analysis

➢        Analyze collected data

➢        Offer goals for customers correct training postures


AMOS – A Unique Approach Towards Exercising

AMOS is a unique exercise mining ecosystem, which is reinforced by the latest technologies including blockchain, AI, machine learning, and big data. It allows users to earn substantial returns from exercising and sports activities. Furthermore, AMOS also provide users with insightful data with regards to their health and fitness condition and suggest training programs to improve their results.


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