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YES WORLD Token now supports 8 Trading Pairs, Also Available on PancakeSwap

Singapore, Singapore - YES WORLD Token is now available for trading with 8 trading pairs on various central exchanges and PankcakeSwap. These are all spot...

Xult: A gateway to an ultimate crypto trading platform

Following the greatest revolution of the 21st century, decentralization of the financial institutions came into the picture. This led to the creation of various...

The Giving Pool: Raising Funding for Worthy and Charitable Foundations

In this age of awareness, more individuals and organizations desire to use their influence and resources to create a better world. With The GIV...

BIXEN pursuing an IPO on the NASDAQ in 2023.

It has been revealed that Bixen, which provides a decentralized data storage service, is pursuing an IPO on the US stock exchange NASDAQ in...

It Happened Once, Twice Next Time Get Leverage

Crypto trading is a financial trend that has continued to rise in popularity in recent years. This form of trading can be very rewarding,...