Bitcoin Mass Adoption: Americans Can Purchase It Within 5 Miles Using Cash-Enabled Kiosks

Bitcoin (BTC) expands in the United States with a recent partnership between Coinstar and Coinme. These two companies will allow 90% of United States citizens to purchase Bitcoin within five miles of where they are. In order to do so, these firms have created cash-enabled kiosks that generate 315 million impressions a week with a larger number of transactions processed each week.

Bitcoin Mass Adoption Grows In The US

According to CryptoSlate, Coinme’s partnership with Coinstar will allow Americans to be closer than never before to the most popular digital asset. Users that have never had any contact with the virtual currency can now purchase it using cash at any of these cash-enabled kiosks.

A few days ago, on March 28, the CEOs of both firms, Neil Bergquist and Jim Gaherity, talked about Bitcoin mainstream adoption. Mr. Bergquist is the co-founder of Coinme, a Bitcoin ATM startup, and Mr. Gaherity is the CEO of Coinstar, a firm that operates 20,000 kiosks in 12 countries.

These two firms allow users to purchase Bitcoin for cash at any moment. The kiosks are one of the many on-ramps available for users to change their fiat currencies for BTC.

At the moment, Coinstar is making 70 million transactions a year allowing users to turn coins into “spendable currency.” The company has also been working on other financial services such as bill payments or Bitcoin transactions. Coinstar is also working with retailers such as Walmart and Kroger, offering services to users.

The number of ATMs supporting Bitcoin has also grown around the world. At the time of writing this article, there are 4531 ATMs around the world. 72.6 percent of them are located in North America, according to CoinATMRadar. European Bitcoin ATMs represent 23.1 percent of the total number of these machines in the world.

Other regions such as Asia, South America, Africa and Oceania account for a small part of the ATM market.

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