BlockBook: An Advanced and Highly Active Web3 Media and User-Based Community

The world is transitioning from Web2 to the emerging world of Web3, which you will get familiar with in the upcoming few years. Hundreds of Web3 projects are being launched. Many of them are getting mainstream attention, while others are just becoming the talk of the past. It is because a robust user-based community is a driving force behind every successful Web3 project. Fortunately, there are sound and highly active Web3 user-based communities that can help your project get the attention and adoption it truly deserves, even in the sea of projects being launched almost every day in any corner of the world.

BlockBook is a highly advanced and active web3 media and user-based community that can help your project gain the attention of web3 users worldwide.

What is Web3?

Web3 is the next generation of the internet after Web1 and Web2. The web/internet we know today is centralized and is owned and controlled by only a handful of authoritative people. They decide what we see and do on the internet.

Web3 is totally different. Unlike Web2, Web3 is decentralized, which is not controlled by authorities; instead, it gives power back to the people who use it. Or in other words, Web3 is not controlled by any single person or organization. Moreover, it is powered by blockchain technology, so Web3 is also completely open and transparent.

Why are Communities the Most Critical Aspect of Web3 Projects?

Since Web3 is decentralized so it depends on shared user agreement to carry out the processing. Users have the power to decide what to do with their data, content, creations, money and more.

This is where communities come into play and become a critical aspect of any Web3 project.

A community can be referred to as a group of people who share common interests and goals. Talking about the Web3 community specifically is a large group of people who agree with any project’s core principles and mission and work together to support it and help it thrive. It can also be considered as, instead of just supporting the project; a community is about a group of individuals participating together in making decisions instead of just a few.

These are the people who can take a project to the moon or the opposite as per the quality of the project and what is offered to stand out. Moreover, an active community is essential to spread the word about your project around the globe.

BlockBook: A Web3 User-Based Community to Help Your Project Get Recognition and Adoption

BlockBook is one such vibrant and robust web3 media and user-based community that provides various info services across the globe.

The community is created to help projects gain the attention they deserve. To do this, the platform hosts Twitter Spaces and Telegram AMAs with prizes, Panels, Debates, and events and provides educational resources about projects. It is also dedicated to providing services such as copywriting, community growth, graphics design, listing, press release, whitepaper (litepaper, one-pager) or anything required to make your project reach out to the right and large audience. Moreover, to keep its community connected and active, the platform hosts several giveaways distributing prizes among winners.

With over 52K followers across the globe of BlockBook, its members are mainly from India, South East Asia, and Mainland China. There are over 300 community ambassadors actively working on playing a vital role in the Web3 projects’ adoption.

BlockBook also has a vast range of renowned marketing and branding partners such as PlugChain, Redline DAO, Hellven’s gate, CrossSpace, DEFED Gmatrix, HeartX, Jackbot, Ultiver4se, DefiEdge, Ultiverse, Cryber8Ball, and the list is ever-growing.

PlugChain is a Web3 project with over 75K followers and CrossSpace with over 51K followers. RedlineDao with over 10K followers, Jackbot with over 8K followers on Twitter, and a similar number of the vast audience connected with each partner of BlockBook on Twitter, Telegram, Discord and other platforms. If added together, BlockBook can help your project reach millions of people from all over the world effectively in a very short time. BlockBook has various partners to grow its community further, such as Orbits DEX and ProTradex.

Since BlockBook is hosting communities from different parts of the world with different languages. Therefore, it ensures to provide of media and content in multiple languages. 


The entire team of BlockBook is on an endeavour to become the one-stop provider and business partner worldwide, with its wide range of services and media partners.


We, BlockBook, are ready to make your project shine in the Web3 space. Let us know about desired outcomes and targeted audience, and we will make it happen for you. 


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