Cardano Foundation is Hiring Experts in Different Fields

The Cardano Foundation is currently searching for a Communications & Marketing Director. The main intention is to lead the development of the Cardano Foundation’s public profile. The company seems to be hiring employees in a very tough time for the crypto space. Cardano released the information a few hours ago.

Cardano Foundation Keeps Growing

The bear market has clearly affected a large number of companies in the space. Some of them had to fire employees and many others had to shut their operations down. Nonetheless, the Cardano Foundation continues to expand in this difficult and competitive market.

The Foundation is currently searching for a Communications & Marketing Director that will be leading the development of the foundation’s profile across its digital audience. This person will be assuming responsibility for marketing, communications, and media at the CF, and will work with partner organisations. That includes working with IOHK and Emurgo, among others.

One of the duties that the selected individual will be performing reads as follows:

“Producing and implementing a marketing and communications strategy for the organisation, in line with strategic goals and objectives, and working with the chairperson of the Cardano Foundation (CF).”

This employee will also be working closely with strategic partners. IOHK and Emurgo will clearly be promoting Cardano and enhance its reputation and profile as well. The expert will also have to raise the profile of the organization and Cardano as a whole following a strict objective.

A short time ago, the blockchain startup Steemit, announced it has laid off close to 70% of its staff. The main reason behind this decision taken by the firm is related to the fact that the market has been in a bear trend since 2018 and it was not able to recover previous values.

Clearly, this shows that the market has been severely affected by this crisis in the space. Another company that had some problems with its employees was ConsenSys. Due to the bear market in the space, the firm had to re-think its investment strategy and invest in more advanced projects.

Cardano (ADA) is currently the 11th largest digital asset in the space. It has a market capitalization of $.38 billion and each coin can be purchased for $0.053199.

In the near future, Cardano could be added to Coinbase and supported by the Ledger Nano.

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