CERTICOS Launch: Shaping the Future of Certification Through Blockchain

CERTICOS is an innovative utility token that aims to redefine document management and certification using blockchain technology.

In our increasingly digital world, secure document management has become imperative. CERTICOS offers a forward-thinking approach to creating, sharing, and storing documents. By leveraging advanced blockchain technology, it ensures a secure and smooth document management experience like never before.

But CERTICOS is more than just a cryptocurrency. It powers the Certicosign platform, an innovative document creation and storage service that tackles practical needs in today’s digital era. The CERTICOS token is designed as the fundamental element of this platform. The token’s use extends beyond mere transactions; it operates as the fundamental element of the platform, paving the way for users to send and store documents. 

Welcome to the future of document management — transparent, secure, and highly efficient.

By supporting up to ten approvers and promising low storage fees, Certicosign overcomes the hurdles of traditional eSignature Document services. It provides a solution to the persistent demand for a cost-effective, secure, and trustworthy document management and authentification system.

The CERTICOS token is all set to make its debut this week. Let’s dive into the details of what makes it truly unique. 

CERTICOS Token: How it Works

One key factor that sets CERTICOS apart from many other cryptocurrency projects is its clear focus on real-world utility. The token isn’t merely a speculative asset; it has a defined use within the Certicosign platform, game-changing document creation and storage service.

CERTICOS is an integral utility token powering the platform’s unique features. Unlike traditional cloud storage or eSignature companies, Certicosign has transformed the concept of document storage and authentication with the integration of blockchain technology and IPFS (Interplanetary File Storage).

The token functions as the primary transaction medium on the platform, enabling users to create, sign, and securely save documents on an encrypted, decentralized system. Its use ensures that all stored data, including document signatures, are fully encrypted (48 Bit) and immutable. 

Certicosign offers three key roles in its ecosystem: 

  • Creators: These users generate and upload documents onto the platform, with the ability to add signature blocks and data entry fields or even construct documents from scratch using HTML CSS object tools.
  • Approvers: These users sign and approve documents. For each approval they make that is posted to the blockchain, they receive tokens as a reward.
  • Authenticators: These users leverage their expertise to validate documents or processes within their field, ranging from certification and appraisal to inspections and more.

The CERTICOS token is integral to these roles and operations on the platform, serving as transactional currency for creating, signing, and verifying documents. It also rewards approvers, encouraging active participation in this innovative document management ecosystem.

The unique structure of CERTICOS allows users to save significantly on costs. Creators can leverage the Certicosign Document Center to upload or create documents using CERTICOS Coins. Simultaneously, Approvers in the ecosystem also reap benefits by earning commission tokens for each approved transaction. 

The platform thus brings a win-win scenario for all users, demonstrating the real-world utility of blockchain and crypto technology in streamlining document creation, storage, and authentication processes. 

Find more information about the platform in the official whitepaper.


CERTICOS is a BEP20 token launched on Binance Smart Chain to facilitate transactions within the Certicosign platform. A total of 1,200,000,000 tokens have been minted under the CERTICOS contract, with an initial circulation of 100,000,000 tokens in 2023.

The CERTICOS token serves as the gas fee within the ecosystem, required for creating and storing eSignature documents in the Certicos blockchain. The amount of CERTICOS required for each transaction, or digital envelope, is equivalent to the USD price of a First-Class US Postage Stamp (Labeled). 

The token distribution is as follows:

  • Public Presale (10%): Tokens allocated to decentralized platforms for transacting CERTICOS, including Decentralized Swaps and IDO Launch Pads.
  • Community Allocations (54%): Reserved for entry into Tier 1, 2, and 3 Centralized Exchanges.
  • Insiders (31%): Steering Committee members receive CERTICOS tokens, of which they must pool 50% for the decentralized launch of the CERTICOS during scheduled release periods.
  • Foundations & More (5%): Designated for BETA Testers, airdrops, and foundations, including a promotional allocation to corporations that adopt Certicosign.

During the initial phase (approx. six months), CERTICOS will be a deflationary token, with a portion continually circulating through presales, DEX, and IDO Launchpads. The burn schedule will be determined based on the coin’s consumption on the Certicosign platform. Coins spent on the eSignature document services will be burned, reducing the total supply.

As the platform transitions from a decentralized to a centralized stage, the tokenomics will shift from deflationary to inflationary. During this phase, the Steering Committee will control the minting of new CERTICOS tokens. A portion of the newly minted tokens will be airdropped to the CERTICOS community, while the rest will be burned as part of the eSignature transaction on the platform.

This mechanism ensures a steady supply of tokens and creates an incentive for token holders to maintain a balance of CERTICOS Coins in their wallets. In other words, when new CERTICOS coins are minted, holders will receive an airdrop, and the ecosystem will benefit from an increase in token circulation.

Launch Details & Special Offers

In anticipation of its official launch this week, Certicosign is offering free tokens to everyone who signs up. This is a unique opportunity to experience first-hand the benefits of this breakthrough platform. Plus, keep an eye out for upcoming airdrops, which will further reward and engage the Certicos community.

Join the CERTICOS community on Twitter and Telegram and take a step into the future of decentralized document services!

About Certicos

Certicosign is an innovative blockchain-based platform offering document certification and authentication services. The platform leverages its native CERTICOS token to facilitate transactions, provide secure storage, and empower users across multiple roles.

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