CoinsDrivers’ Token CODS Pre-Sale Begins


CoinsDrivers is a trading platform that aims to integrate crypto assets into life. This system allows investors to trade derivatives on a decentralized network, providing an experience comparable to centralized exchanges. CoinDrivers is designed to facilitate fully automated, end-to-end margin trading and execution of complex financial products. CoinsDrivers allows users to create decentralized markets from anywhere in the world using its own protocol and aims to develop a protocol that enables them to trade derivatives securely, with margins and no custody required. It makes this possible by automating and standardizing every step of the trade lifecycle.

In addition to developing tools that guarantee the freedom to trade in cryptocurrencies, the CoinsDrivers team aims to highlight the main problems they see in the current centralized financial system and solve these problems by creating a parallel financial system. Team Coinsdrivers is developing a project that will integrate assets into daily life and make it possible to use them instead of money. The basis of the project is the trading platform they designed using the high-performance core matching engine technology they developed. The Kubernetes scheduling technology used in the platform automatically adapts the service capacity to the load. In order to protect the security of user assets in the project, the working modes of secret keys and addresses are optimized according to blockchain features. With these technologies, the platform can simultaneously host tens of millions of users online while maintaining an enjoyable experience. With the system to be developed in the final stage of the project, they envisage allowing users to use their digital assets in all areas of life.

The exclusive sale of CoinsDrivers’ token CODS has ended. Phase pre-sales continue. Detailed information about the project can be found at

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