Crypto Frens: By Frens. For Frens.

Hello all Frens out there!

We are the new CryptoFrens or short $FREN

We just had our fairlaunch on April 1st and are looking for more FRENS to join our cozy little community!

We started with 8’071’770’762 tokens which was exactly the amount of FRENS living on our Planet at that time. So everybody can join us, talk about the odd bearmarket, have som fun when the bullmarket arrives and just hang our with real FRENS!

Liquidity was created with 100% of the supply and the LP was burned so everyone has a fair chance to join!

TXN can be found here: 0x8d8ecc8be1cc0c216c1afa1bb94076788d81afdbcd4809334f30c0d7046ac9f9



Without a nice little space for us to share all the good Pepe-Content and just have some fun in this serious and cold cryptoworld out there, we decided to make a place for ourself and all FRENS out there.

A Place were we just can hang out, have a conversation together, get some help if needed and enjoy a wonderful community.

So we createt the CryptoFrens!

A community which isn’t too serious and strictly. An open space where you maybe sometimes can shill a little without getting instantly banned, recommend good projects to other FRENS, get some help  when having an issue with the cryptorelated stuff and of course a Place where you can find all the good Pepe-Content.

Other than that we will collect everything we can from Pepe and try to provide the most complete Pepe library out there.

Our future plans will be to build up a bigger community, listings on CG and CMC and then finally have a nice and secure place in this cruel cryptoworld with all the warmth and welcoming new Frens out there.

We can help whenever you’ve a bad day and maybe help you out with some crypto related problems!

Marketing hast just started so don’t miss out this chance!

Visit us on:



and buy yourself a bag on Uniswap (0% fee):

So lets join our growing community and take a place in this exciting journy where we build a new community and get to know a lot of good FRENS!

Come to our telegram and have a talk with us. We will answer all questions if you have some and give you a warm greeting.

We’re just getting started, the road is long and sometimes it will get a bit difficult and exhausting, but together we will archieve great value for our FRENS!

Keep yourself save, don’t take everything too serious and most important: don’t forget to have some fun while investing money!

The new CryptoFrens Community wish you all a nice and wonderful day and hopefully we will meet you soon in our TG or Twitter!

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