DeFi Coin and the Mission to Revolutionize Mobile Payments and Decentralized platforms

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DeFi Coin and the Mission to Revolutionize Mobile Payments

Everyone makes payments. Whether for goods or services or some other thing, we all pay money for whatever it is we get every now and then.

However, one thing that is almost pretty common to us all is that we all desire more efficient ways of making payments. While technology has made things much easier over the past few years, there are still some hurdles that need to be surmounted. No matter how good you think a payment is, it could get better.

The DeFi Coin ICO

DFC is gearing up to conduct an Initial Coin offering (ICO) on October 16th until 25th. People can already send their ETH to secure their spot for the tokens. The first pre-sale will be going for a price of $0.01 and the second pre-sale 0.02$. Interested participants will be able to purchase the asset using Ethereum, and the token sale is currently working exclusively to the MetaMask wallet extension on Google Chrome only.

If you don’t have this you can send directly to this contract creator address: 0xFd7A09ca82601fb3a5CB355dE8812177a5BD6597

Make sure you don’t send directly from an exchange but from an Ether wallet that is ERC20-token supported. You will get your tokens on the first day of the pre-sale.

Link to participate for the tokens:

Link to download MetaMask wallet:

If you don’t know how to buy them, kindly go to this document:

The Need for Greater Efficiency

Improving payments is part of what cryptocurrency projects have sought to help with. Traditional payment systems are slow, but FinTech revolutions like payment processors are faster. Cryptocurrencies promise to go even better than the traditional FinTech innovations and possible deliver instantaneous payments.

To be fair, there are crypto projects that have made progress in that regard. Bitcoin, XRP, and several other assets focus on improving the payment scheme, and they’ve so far been quite efficient at their job.

Then, there’s the challenge of cryptocurrencies – speed and efficiency. Cryptocurrencies aren’t always fast when they process payments, and they definitely aren’t always efficient. There are issues to this day, with people complaining about challenges that they bring.

Enter: DeFi Coin

Solving these challenges is what led to the vision for DeFi Coin. A decentralized token system DeFi Coin combines the convenience that we’ve come to experience with traditional FinTech with crypto efficiency. It provides a debit card, which you can use to make payments at any merchant in the world.  As long as the merchant accepts card payments, they can work with DeFi Coin.

DeFi Coin currently accepts cryptocurrencies and makes cash transfers on a real-time basis. By doing this, it ensures that you can easily get your payments done and reduce the risk of getting stranded. With 60 million merchants worldwide accepting card payments, there’s no limit to what you can achieve with DeFi Coin.

What Does DeFi Coin Offer?

A Dedicated App

The DFC app holds all of the DFC ecosystem’s features. It is the hub for all products and features available, and it is available on all platforms.

A Wallet and Decentralized Exchange Platform

You can access the wallet and exchange platform via the DFC app. With it, you can hold your currencies in custody and make seamless transfers and swaps whenever you want.


The discord functions like a message board on DeFi Coin. On it, you can communicate with other users and get insights about all things FinTech. It is an encompassing information portal that keeps you and everyone else informed.

Currently, discord is having an invite contest where people get free DeFi Coin tokens. Interested applicants can join here for a chance to win freebies.

Real-Time Transfer Rates

Transfers on DeFi Coin are done in real time. So, you don’t need to worry about currency calculations. All of these are handled by the asset’s underlying technology, so it grants you optimal convenience at all times.

Multi-Currency Support

DeFi Coin supports multiple crypto and fiat assets. There are currently over 30 currencies supported on the platform, and you get to use them all. Each of these currencies accesses the system’s speed and convenience features, so you can make payments whenever and however you like without worrying about ease of use.

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