Digital Wallet MetaPocket Is What GameFi Needs Right Now

Picture by Georgi Dyulgerov

GameFi is what we have when we mix up DeFi (or Decentralized Finance) and gaming, which in other words, means being able to earn through games or gaming-related projects. It has been a dream come true for many gaming and cryptocurrency enthusiasts, as it essentially marries the benefits of the two – be it power over their own assets or simply being able to benefit in more than one way through their hobbies. There’s a vast array of games right now, from virtual reality games like Decentraland to battling ones like Axie Infinity – every enthusiast will definitely find one that works for them.

Yet, for all the good that GameFi has brought to the crypto and gaming space, there’s still a reluctance for many to join in on the fun. This is largely due to the complexity involved in crypto and even GameFi itself, where the user interface and experience isn’t always the best. In the long run, this might even deter developers from creating new projects to keep the GameFi industry going, thus limiting the market cap growth of GameFi, with a hindered growth of both the playing and creating community.

Picture by MetaPocket

The MetaPocket team spotted this shortfall in the market, and decided to take matters into their own hands by creating a one-stop digital wallet for all things GameFi, Exactly what it sounds like, MetaPocket is a digital wallet focusing on the GameFi industry that supports multi-currency, multi-layer, and cross-chain transactions. It’s currently compatible with top platforms and GameFi projects such as Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polkadot, Fantom, OpenSea, Rarible, Axie Infinity, Decentraland and much more, with an ever-expanding list of projects it’s trusted by.

Within the app, you can use the Game Discovery and In App Game Browsing features to find and interact with any decentralized games, and you can also use the Yield Farming tool to stake any supported GameFi token. This completely streamlines and simplifies the way you interact with and earn from GameFi, as you no longer have to dive through complex pages one by one to get things to work. With MetaPocket, users can send receive, and earn tokens without much technical knowledge, operating multiple assets across multiple networks through a few simple taps.

MetaPocket also has its own token METAPK that functions as a utility token, allowing users and developers to enjoy certain functions or benefits of the MetaPocket wallet. These include airdrops, rewards like souvenirs or NFT drops, and fee discounts. Developers also have to pay METAPK as a deposit to protect users in the case that anything goes wrong with the game, so that users’ losses will be compensated.

With its simple interface designed to make GameFi participation much easier and more seamless, there’s no doubt that MetaPocket is exactly what GameFi needs right now – whether for experienced gamers to have all their tokens in one safe wallet, or to attract newcomers into the GameFi world.

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