Each and every human being and each and every creature is a part of my art, we all are inclusive, no one excluded, everyone is essential, if you think you are exclusive actually you are excluded.

Q. Who is Zagutachie?

Zagutachie is a series of digital Art emphasizing on democracy, freedom of speech, media freedom, women rights, gender equality and opposing evil forces like establishment and martial laws. The main idea behind Zagutachie is to create awareness among people about different and socio-economic issues.

Q. What Zagutachie wants?

Equality, Freedom of speech, gender equality, Female rights, female empowerment, Farmer rights, Free economic model, No to Tyranny, No to establishment, Press freedom, True democracy, and off course awareness.

Q. Where are you from?

I am inside each and every human, I am a thought. I am everywhere, feel it.

Q. Classification of Zagutachie

  • Gender equality
  • Freedom of speech
  • Freedom of thoughts
  • No press censorship
  • Women rights
  • Pro-Democracy
  • No to establishment
  • No to martial law
  • Support Farmers/Fishermen
  • No to tyranny
  • No discrimination to Black (No to racism)
  • Support Crypto Eco system
  • Spreading Positivity

Q. What is homogenized art?

I have introduced a new homogenized form of art , that is a combination of Abstract, contemporary and caption art, each and every art work is rare and unique with a message covering a sensitive and taboo topic which (in some countries) are not discussed publically. I have introduced captions in abstract art as all human beings should understand my message within my art and feel it.

Q. What is your opinion about female rights?

The meaning of women’s rights is different from the meaning of men’s rights. While women’s rights are focused on gender equality, it is obvious that men’s rights are focused on individual liberties.

Q. Do you think Making of thousands of AVTAR NFTs is useless? Artist are making a living by that?

I am not saying that.

Q. What is your opinion about Black rights?

Black people are equal with any other person, they should be treated equally, and there should be no discrimination.

Segregation is the separation of people into groups based on race, ethnicity, religion, or other such criteria. It is a social system where different races are separated and live in their own communities.

On the other hand, racism has been present since the beginning of time and it affects many people in the society – especially black people. It affects them on a large scale by creating a segregated society where they are systematically oppressed and deprived of resources. Little did other people know that black people’s right deserves parity just like the equality with other races.

Q. What about anti-establishment digital art?

Constant struggle and repeat of revolutions is called history. Establishment is actually dog’s tail, Establishment is the mother of all problems, and Establishment is against the art and the artist. If something doesn’t make a profit its invalid and art doesn’t make a profit in that sense. (Quoted)

If a rock band throws a TV set out of a hotel window it’s seen as an anti-establishment. Establishment is a curse, Establishment is the nursery for future tyranny which will rebirth again and again (Quoted)

Q. What about martial law?

They (Who) seeks to establish systems of government based on their regimentation of all human beings by a handful of individual rulers, it is not order. Martial law is not announced, it happens, martial law is actually above the law. (Quote)

Q. What is Positive thinking?

Positive thinking is better than negative thinking, Miracle happens to those who believe in them.

Q. What are you trying to convey through your art?

You are born free; you should be treated equally regardless of your race, gender, or class, simply ALL EQUALL.

Q. How to contact you?

Twitter or my website.

Q. What is your message?

We are here in this world for a short time, include everyone in yourself, if you want to be an exclusive one, you will be excluded.


Web: https://medium.com/@nonfungible40/zagutachie-the-angry-artist-1b9e64ade0e0

Twitter: www.twitter.com/zagutachie

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