Earn Money in the Metaverse

Activities on the Ozura metaverse all take place on the blockchain. And to initiate any type of blockchain transaction a specific crypto asset or token is required. This is where the in-game Ozura utility token, $OZ comes into play.

As players interact with the different Ozura games, they get rewarded with tokens. These can be used for a variety of purposes within the metaverse. Primarily, they serve to pay transaction fees while interacting within the Ozura ecosystem. But besides that, these tokens are also valuable in the real world. That is what qualifies the mini-games on Ozura as P2E. Users can decide to HODL these tokens in their wallets or even stake them to earn other passive tokens.

$OZ tokens can also be used to shape your gaming experience. It can be converted into POWR, which is used to upgrade gears and items within the games. You can also purchase Loot boxes or other specific items in the marketplace using your game tokens – these come with a lot of rare collectibles.

Items and other collectibles within the Ozura metaverse also carry an intrinsic value as they are also unique digital assets. These are NFTs on their own. They can be bought, sold, or traded on the Ozura marketplace. Most items are cosmetic i.e they can be worn or displayed, while others are non-physical, that is they are to be used on other items e.g ability upgrades. Keep reading to learn more about some of the most intriguing features of the Ozura in-game assets.

Things To Know About Game Assets and Items

● $OZ is the Most Valuable Asset

$OZ is the first and most valuable asset you must possess to remain active in Ozura’s eco-friendly and entertaining virtual community. Although users will be able to navigate Ozura to an extent using other cryptocurrencies, $OZ is the platform’s primary utility token that you can use to purchase many items from Ozura’s ever-busy marketplace.

Interestingly, this token isn’t hard to get. You can earn it as a reward for playing games or winning any tournament or competition. As a result, it is important to participate in as many activities as one can to increase your chances of earning your $OZ.

You can also stake $OZ to earn passive tokens. Exchange it for loot boxes containing a wide selection of items for your avatar. Other things to do in the metaverse to win the Ozura utility token include selling properties, rendering services in exchange for the token, etc.

● There Are two Categories of Items

All Ozura items can only exist in two categories— cosmetic and non-physical. You can wear the items in the cosmetic category for ornamental purposes due to their flashy nature. You can use them to beautify your ozuratar (avatar), thereby appearing as one of the most valuable, classy, and attractive users in the ecosystem.

Where Ozura takes it to the next level is with the addition of cosmetic items that aren’t for your ozuratar rather for your metahome to decorate with! The best way to be able to fully express yourself through not only your character but your home as well!

The non-physical category is for items that others can’t easily see, and you can’t flaunt them to the world. These items can exist as a weapon’s strength, game lifeline, or car’s speed. Though these items are not too obvious, other users will feel their influence and effects in one way or another.

● All Items Will Double as NFTs

Apart from serving their primary purpose, all items in the Ozura ecosystem can serve as NFTs and can be used within the metaverse.

It means you can list your earned items in the marketplace and sell it for crypto assets that you can then use in exchange to purchase anything else from the marketplace. However, you must know that every item has its unique value, leading to a very competitive marketplace and exchange system.

● The Best Ozuratars

You can customize your ozuratar (avatars in the Ozura platform) once purchased and minted with your items to have a fully-equipped collection that you’re proud of.

It is advisable to invest in your ozuratar cosmetics to have the most attractive and gorgeous avatar in the virtual world. It’s everyone’s dream to appear beautiful and approachable, so don’t hesitate to spend on your outlook.

● Real-Estate Land

If you haven’t already heard Ozura allows you to buy land and customize your very own metahome that can be the talk of the town.

However, you need an enriched wallet to purchase this state-of-the-art structure. You might have to give up some rarer items to shoulder the required expenses but in the same manner head over to the marketplace to purchase some unique decorations to make your metahome as one-of-a-kind as you are.

● Rarity Will Determine Every Item’s Worth

Every item has a unique value depending on its rarity. You’ll be able to differentiate rarities of items by the colored rating they emit from grey “uncommon” all the way to red “elite”.

You should expect a scarce and hard-to-find item to command a higher value than the one you get without any stress or hiccups. For instance, the item you get as a reward for winning a competition will be more costly and more valuable than those you receive for just being active within a mini-game.

Who could’ve thought that your items could be the gateway you need to accomplish so many things in the metaverse? Now depending on their scarcity and your ability to convince yourself to actually list them in the marketplace and part with them, it can leave you in a very good position financially. Nonetheless, below are some things that your items can be useful for in the Ozura virtual world.

● Sell Unwanted Items

You can earn many in-game items while playing games or accomplishing tasks. These items can be listed and sold to interested buyers in the Ozura NFT marketplace. The Ozura marketplace is the perfect place to get rid of your unwanted items for a reasonable price. In turn you can use the $OZ attained to purchase tools or weapons needed for a successful gaming session.

Is Ozura Available to The Public? 

The much-anticipated Ozura metaverse is not available yet, however, Ozura is set to be launched sometime in 2022 and it won’t be long before you can explore the state-of-the-art blockchain-based gaming platform. Meanwhile, endeavor to follow us on our social media platforms for first-hand updates.

Website: Ozura.io

Twitter account: @Ozurachain

Instagram: @Ozura.io

Discord: https://discord.gg/ozura

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