Exclusive Interview with Alessandro Iaria, Founder, QoinIQ


Q1. Please introduce yourself?

Good morning, my name is Alessandro Iaria and I am one of the founders of QoinIQ. I am 43 years old and for over twenty years I have been dealing and working on the Italian and foreign financial markets. I started my job in 2001 as a financial consultant and in 2002 I moved to Milan where until 2007 I worked for two important banks in Italy, specialised in the online trading sector.  There I had the opportunity to see and participate in the development of some of the most renowned Italian trading platforms. Since 2007 I have dedicated myself full-time to trading on financial markets, especially on Italian and foreign derivatives arbitrages, through the development of high-frequency automated systems. In 2017 I decided to pour part of the knowledge and skills gained up to that moment, in the cryptocurrency market and together with my partners/colleagues we created the project QoinIQ.

Q2. What is QoinIQ?

QoinIQ, an IT company, which aims to revolutionize and provide the industry with the right tools to unravel the varied world of cryptocurrencies. QoinIQ is a very strong project, which includes QoinSuit and Qoinnect. QoinSuit is an innovative trading platform and Qoinnect is a virtual space where traders can interact with each other and increase their knowledge and skills.

Q3. How does QoinIQ bring crypto trading to the masses?

QoinSuit is a decentralised and fully customisable multi-exchange trading platform, developed to offer customers the best possible trading experience in terms of efficiency and profitability, enabling users to take advantage of all the opportunities the crypto market has to offer. The platform has been designed to appeal to both institutional and retail clients, combining in a single software, data feed and operations on the main cryptocurrency exchanges. It is our conviction that conventional finance is becoming obsolete and that the current world is moving fast towards a reality where premium financial services are provided to everyone and not just to a privileged few.

Q4. The team behind QoinIQ, what are their backgrounds and experiences?

We are a team of professional traders and all members come from the world of finance, each with between twenty and thirty years of activity in the financial markets, including experience in cryptocurrency trading, market making, arbitrage and high frequency trading. With nearly a century of combined experience in finance and financial technology, the QoinIQ team perfectly understands the needs of the financial sector. We are a company in the cryptocurrency universe, run by successful people with a pedigree in the financial sector, with the aim of providing the financial sector with the right tools to navigate the cryptocurrency revolution.

Q5. What is the QoinIQ Ecosystem? Tell us more about QoinSuit and Qoinnect?

QoinIQ is a strong project based on the development of a multi-exchange, multi-display and multi-book trading platform. It differs from what we have seen so far in the cryptocurrency landscape because it aims to make trading simple and efficient, and therefore more profitable. We have designed QoinSuit with a graphical layout that allows the trader to not only trade one instrument at a time or a single cryptocurrency, but to trade, manage and monitor multiple crypto pairs simultaneously, correlate them with each other or take advantage of arbitrage between derivatives and cryptocurrencies, thanks to the ability to open multiple trading books and create custom mounts that can be quickly recalled by the trader or even open multiple charts within the same monitor.

One of the prerogatives of the platform is definitely that it is decentralised. We have decided to manage all conditional orders on our servers, which communicate with the various exchanges to which the platform is connected. This allows us to operate completely autonomously and allows us to place and manage orders that are completely different from what is offered by any exchange. At the same time, we want to create a community of traders through Qoinnect, a virtual space where users can interact, exchange opinions and share their knowledge with the entire community.

Q6. What is the IEO schedule for QoinIQ? Which exchanges are currently supporting QoinIQ?

We have launched both an ICO on 30 April with Altcoinomy, which is clearly still ongoing, and an IEO with Probit which will start on 17 May and where our token will be listed initially. We are aiming for a collection that will allow us to easily carry on the development of the project and meet the huge investments required for the software and hardware development of the platform. The goal is to make QoinSuit the benchmark for the market and for investors.

Q7. What are the near future goals of QoinIQ as a company?

Certainly, our goal is to enhance and develop the platform which is currently in beta version and we have inhibited the possibility of going to market during the ICO/IEO, but which is connected for now to the Bitfinex exchange, so that all users can see some of the platform’s features. In addition we would like to pursue an ambitious project, which is only mentioned in our WP that is QoinX. For us as QoinIQ, as technology and finance enthusiasts, it would be unthinkable not to make innovations in this area and given our expertise, we would like to introduce new cryptocurrency trading tools that are not yet on the market.

Q8. What is the native cryptocurrency of QoinIQ ecosystem and what is the significance of the token?

Our QIQ token is an ERC-20 based on the Ethereum blockchain. It is a utility token, which users will be able to use to take advantage of the services and facilities reserved for them within QoinIQ.

Q9. Please elaborate the token distribution model of QoinIQ?

  • Max total supply 100,000,000,
  • 60 million tokens will be sold during the ICO/IEO at a price of $0.275 and to finance the airdrop that is still in progress.

QoinIQ intends to allocate the issued tokens, as follows:

  • 60% will be sold via a token generating event
  • 40% will remain with QoinIQ for further developments of QoinSuit.

The maximum supply of tokens sold during the TGE is set to a corresponding counter-value of CHF 15 million. Depending on the development of QoinSuit, a portion of tokens up to 5% of the free float may be burned. This will be announced a week before the burning event.

Q10. What do you expect from this bull season?

Certainly today cryptocurrencies are on everyone’s lips and some stereotypes have been overcome. Even “traditional” institutions have realised their potential and are or will be approaching this market. Their use will become more and more widespread and the proof is also in the continuous increase in market capitalisation, confirming the growing interest. This will require a greater development of systems and applications that can support and accompany the use and growth of the market, so in the coming years I expect a rising market that will express all its potential, still unexpressed.

Q11. Any message for our readers?

“When experience meets innovation and when passion meets talent, when all these things come together, progress comes to life”. The QoinIQ project is based on this maxim. Experience, innovation, passion and talent. I don’t want to sound arrogant by calling myself talented, but resisting and continuing to trade for all these years is no small thing and I hope that the users can grasp all this in the project.

Learn more about QoinIQ on :

Website : https://www.qoiniq.com/

Telegram : https://t.me/QoinIQ_official

Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/qoiniq/

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/Qoiniq/

Linkedin : https://www.linkedin.com/company/qoiniq/

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