Exclusive Interview with Antony Chang, CEO, 2local.io

Scoopnix was recently in an interview with Antony Chang, Chief Executive Officer, 2local. Within questions and answers we indulged into the vision behind starting this project and how it can benefit each one who uses it. He tackles every question fearlessly, and after this we are crystal clear about 2local’s past, present & future.

Take a look at the exact questions that were answered by Antony.

Q1. Your project, 2local, what is it about? Can you give us a brief description?

2local is a loyalty platform powered by its own ultra-fast blockchain that supports local-2-local and worldwide sustainability. It’s also fully ERC-721 compatible for other projects.

It taps into banking with L2L as their native coin, which is designed to rise in value as part of a cashback system. The goal is to achieve a sustainable world with prosperity for all.

The 2local platform has a payment app with a decentralized multi-currency wallet and a marketplace where consumers can connect with local-2-local and sustainable companies.
Using the L2L coins at these connected companies will result in a monthly cashback and a rise in the value of the L2L coins, cutting out high transfer costs and providing a free loyalty program.

Q2. What motivated you to initiate this project?

Money in our current monetary system is losing value every day. Through money creation by private banks, value is withdrawn from the economy on a daily basis – say: stolen from us all. This is the main reason people are poor and sustainable producing isn’t a part of our society yet. We believe that the blockchain can change this, when implemented in a good way.

Q3. What is your vision and the goal you want to ultimately achieve with 2local?

Our goal is to have millions of users in each country to achieve our vision: the unity of happy, bright people and a sustainable world with prosperity for all.

Q4. What is the history behind the start of this project? What difficulties did you face?

We started this project about 2 years ago with a group of entrepreneurs and a scientist to make a positive change in the world, using the blockchain as Satoshi Nakamoto has intended. Banks and governments go to extremes to discredit and block cryptocurrencies? We already had to rename our company from D-Crypto to 2local.

Q5. How do you plan to expand in the near future?

We are now doing an IEO on p2pb2b.io. After that, we move to other exchanges in different areas around the world to arrive at a tier-1 exchange in November this year.
The 2local platform currently features an L2L token wallet and a marketplace to find connected companies, accessible from the web, Android and iOS payment app. The 2local IEO’s will fund the development of the platform into a full-featured market-ready release by Q4 2020.

2local IEO is live on p2pb2b.io, Don’t miss this golden opportunity of taking part in the future.

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