Exclusive Interview with Augustin Jiang, CEO, ArtRino

Augustin Jiang

Q. Please introduce yourself?

My name is Augustin Jiang. I am the CEO of ArtRino and Chairman of the World Digital Art Fair Organizing Committee. I served as CEO of the Art Exchange for 10+ years and saw the opportunity to utilise and redefine the physical and digital art arena with blockchain.

Q. What is ArtRino?

ArtRino is a symbol for the next generation of Art. ArtRino aims to disrupt the market by creating an ecosystem where ownership, profit and decision making capacity of and for the Art is distributed and shared.

Q. How is ArtRino different? How do you plan to stay unique?

We at ArtRino, believe that all the great Masterpieces should not be owned, bought, sold or stored in vaults between chaebols and financial firms. The freedom to access Art should be made available to the community. We are unique in our approach at using the token based ecosystems in a way that it helps create sub-ecosystems and facilitate the owners.

Q. What is the significance of ArtRino Token? Why is it called the MOM Token?

ArtRino Token is the native token to access the ecosystem and also serves as the MOM token which will give birth to Art Stock Tokens from time to time producing several Child Tokens (Art Stock Tokens) for artists and their artwork.

Q. Is it available cross-chain?

No. Curretly ArtRino is available on BSC as a BEP20 token. We have plans in future to make it available across chains.

Q. What is WDAF? Please explain in brief?

WDAF is the World Digital Art Fair aims to contribute towards the development of digital art industry by forming a desirable digital art market, fairly evaluating digital (art) works and introducing them to a large number of spectators and collectors through a digital showcase event.

It’ll be na annual event by ArtRino catering to digital art.

Q. Is the project running right on time with its roadmap?

Yes. Our first child token (artstock token) Art2guluo has been issued for the art Hit The Road by Guluo : Master of painting in the Qing Dynasty.

Artstock tokens will continue to be issued this year with art as collateral. 

Our pipeline includes 

  • ArtRino Bank : It will be established this year for the first time. The arrangements are complete. Korea Art Bank will collect Korean artists’ works and run a rental business.
  • WDAF : We will host the WDAF and the online exhibition will begin in July. Keeping in check the COVID conditions, we also plan physical exhibitions in India, US, UK, Italy, Japan, Korea.
  • A Custom NFT exchange on BSC with our native token ArtRino.

Q. What are the plans for the token sale? What is the status of IEO?

IEO is in progress at IndoEX until May 15 and Coinsbit until May 19. You can buy it for $0.1 through the IEO

Q. Do you have any scheduled exchange listing coming up?

Yes, we re carefully planning our next steps and listings. We aim to get listed on 1 exchange per month throughout 2022. Currently we are available on BitMart and will be available on Coinsbit and IndoEx in May. We plan to get listed on kucoin, gate.io, whitebit and other major exchanges in near future.

Q. Is the staking enabled in ArtRino?

Staking will be available for ArtRino om Coinsbit after the listing is enabled. We’ll have more staking options available soon.

Q. Why should someone invest their money in ArtRino? What are your goals for 2022?

ArtRino is the future of art, not just digital art but real world physical art. ArtRino is a vison, a though process, a mindset, a belief that aims to redefine ownership and give power back to the common people.

We embody the spirit of art & trade and aim to disrupt the norms which limit the access to a few rich families and institutions behind closed doors. We believe, everyone should have access to the masterpieces from the greatest and best artists in the world without any bias.

And this solid, groundbreaking, firm vision combined with the latest technology is the reason why people should invest in ArtRino.

Q. Any message for our readers?

We are people like you. We have faced what you have faced. We feel what you feel. And henceforth ArtRino represents not just belief but the belief of the mass and only together can we take this vision and make this a reality. So join hands with us and let’s Re-Define the Ownership of Art.

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