Exclusive Interview with CEO, Pocket Doge Token.

Pocket Doge

Our editors at Scoopnix, got the chance to interview Mr. Jared from Pocket Doge. With NFT gaming at the boom this time around, Pocket Doge is one of the most promising projects of 2021 by offering the best aspects of Play-to-Earn gaming concept. $PDOGE is one of the first projects on BSC that allows users within the community to select and reflect their own tokenomics. Go through the interview below with CEO, Pocket Doge, to find out what’s going on with the project.

Please introduce yourself?

My name is Jared and I am the CEO of Pocket Doge. My background is in building and running businesses and sales teams, primarily in the technology space. In August of 2020 I was laid off as a result of COVID-19 related budget cuts. At that time, I started exploring the BSC space. I realized that there were so many scams every single day just taking money from honest investors who just want to create a better life for themselves and their family. There’s always opportunity in being one of the few honest projects in a place where integrity is at a premium – so we gathered a group of talented individuals to build the best project on BSC.

What is P2E Gaming?

Play to earn gaming. It pays individuals for playing our game. Best of all worlds, right? Have fun and get paid to literally just play.

What is Pocket Doge?

Pocket Doge is not just a token, but a number of projects that relate to one another. And importantly, we have an established safe space where our community can feel secure when investing in such projects.  The questions one asks oneself when investing should never be, “is this a scam?” but, “do I believe in this project?” We are creating that level of assurance.

Additionally, we have and continue to roll out multiple utility to our holders. One of our important utilities is our NFT Marketplace, providing a platform for creators to do what they do best – create; and for appreciators to be able to participate in a way that benefits them and the creators.  Creators include artists, musicians, and other creatives to maintain greater creative control over their work and artistry.  The Marketplace also serves as a platform for independent game developers to launch their products that will tie into our P2E technology, providing user even more choices in their gaming experience.  The NFT Marketplace will functions as a platform

What does Select and Reflect mean with respect to Pocket Doge?

Our “Select and Reflect” technology allows investors to choose the currency in which they receive their dividends. On each buy, investors pay a 5% tax which is divided proportionally amongst holders; on each sell, 10% is divided proportionally amongst holders. A $PDOGE holder is able to leverage our dApp to choose which token/coin they want to receive that dividend in.

What are some key features of Pocket Doge?

Select and reflect. Real utility in P2E and our NFT Marketplace. Open, transparent, and honest communication. A team which delivers on everything they promise, and more.

Why does Pocket Doge chose BSC platform?

The primary reason was the desire to help introduce credibility into a relatively dangerous space. We also believe the low gas fees and ease of use create the perfect environment to achieve ultimate success and benefit to the company and our community.

Please explain the Pocket Doge Tokenomics?

Buy Tax : 5% entirely to rewards

Sell Tax : 

10% to rewards

8% to marketing

6% to liquidity

What is the function of Pocket Doge dApp platform?

Currently, the dApp can be used to select your “Select and Reflect” rewards. It will be expanded shortly to include staking and betting.

Is the Pocket Doge smart contract audited? Is it completely safe from hackers?

The Pocket Doge Token contract has been audited by Solid Proof, passing with flying colors. We are planning to do a Certik audit in the next few months.

As for exploits, we can verify that we are not part of the tokens which are subject to the LP draining exploit. Our LP is excluded from rewards.

What are your plans for token sale?

We will continue our marketing initiatives and growth through organic, word of mouth development.

What is the current price of $PDOGE? Where can we buy $PDOGE?

$PDOGE is currently $.0000075 with a market cap of around $550K. You can buy $PDOGE on PancakeSwap.

Is the Pocket Doge project right on track with the planned roadmap?

We’ve been fortunate enough to stay ahead of our roadmap on the majority of our planned initiatives. So not only are we on the right track, we’re on the best track we possibly could be.

What are the future plans/goals for Pocket Doge?

There are so many amazing things in store, ranging from P2P betting and staking, to an NFT platform, independent production company, as well as actual Pocket Pet hardware wallets that will be available for purchase.

Any message for our readers?

Take your time and research any investment, including Pocket Doge. Always, always, always, check out a token’s Telegram before investing. Importantly, be sure to visit their TG group only via the link on their website so you know you’re ending up in the right place. Ask questions and see how they respond. Check for utility and feasibility of their plans. Have they produced?

On our end, my advice remains the same. A great first start is to stop by our Telegram group and ask any and all questions.

We can’t wait to meet you!

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