Exclusive Interview with Co Founder & CTO, Phaeton

Phaeton Chai Shepard

Team Scoopnix had the chance to interview Mr. Chai Shepherd, Co founder & CTO of Phaeton. This interview was regarding the Phaeton project possibilities and growth prospects. We served some simple but important question about the project, questions a normal retail investor would have in mind. Go through the interview below for more details.

1. Please introduce yourself?

I am Chai Shepherd. Co founder & CTO of Phaeton.

2. What is Phaeton?

Phaeton is a blockchain platform aiming to serve decentralized applications to change the world. We are working on a variety of projects like Real estate NFTs, smart homes, blockchain identities, etc. At Phaeton, we have one goal “to make blockchain accessible to every individual and impact the lives

3. What makes Phaeton run on 100% renewable blockchain?

With the Phaeton Blockchain network, we have reduced the energy consumption for transactions in line with the net-zero carbon objective of sustainable development goals. We are building solar farms, hydrogen gas storage, and wind turbines to power our data centers. This is in addition to modular products that come with wrap-around solar solutions. We also use geothermal energy for backups and cooling.

4. What is Phaeton ESG bond exchange? How is it making a difference?

Phaeton ESG Bonds will finance Phaeton’s projects, such as its Green Modular Data Centres, Smarter Housing and Solar Farms. However, the Phaeton ESG Bond Exchange will also be open to the public and governments worldwide, making it a diverse asset offering. Bond market stability is something Phaeton is banking on as bond markets play a significant role in ensuring financial stability for both buyers and issuers. When the stock market hits a correction, the bond market is a far more stable option for generating wealth.

5. Please explain Phaeton sidechain model?

The main Phaeton Blockchain is a public network that can be joined and accessed by anyone. In addition to that, Phaeton accommodates the creation of Sidechains that allow a private network. When these Sidechains are connected with the main network, they create a hybrid network. Therefore, the Phaeton Blockchain ecosystem can be used to develop an application that requires a public, private, or hybrid network.

The use of Phaeton’s Sidechain ecosystem allows the network to have better performance through enhanced scalability and transaction speed. The encryption and hashing techniques involved in securing the data make it a reliable platform, eradicating the need for additional security measures.

6. How is Phaeton different from other blockchain projects?

First of all, we are not just a blockchain company. Our projects and collaborations are in various other fields. Be it Data centers, Real estate, Solar & Hydrogen farms etc. 

If you compare us with other blockchains, today mostly every other blockchain is working on providing a tech environment to host more dapps. On the other hand, we at Phaeton provide an end to end ecosystem that is powered by green energy. Imagine you are getting blazing fast transaction speed along with a low transaction fee and the whole system is operating on green energy. We have an end to end solution, unlike other companies using third party solutions to run and operate their blockchains.

7. What previous experiences does the team have in this industry?

We have a very diverse team. People Energy, Real estate, Engineering are to mention some. In terms of just blockchain, we got an amazing team who worked with various billion dollar projects around the globe. The best part about our team is the diversity! different genders,languages, cultures with a common goal to create something special to impact lives of all human beings.

8. What is the ultimate goal you want to achieve with Phaeton?

Phaeton focuses on applying its technology to deliver a positive social impact. This core value is used for all projects undertaken by Phaeton. Projects must have a positive social impact. To this end, Phaeton’s has created its Incubator Platform for Social Impact enterprises. In addition, Phaeton, under the motto of “Action Yields Results”, has initiated several of its own branded projects. Team Phaeton is, for example, working on affordable housing, renewable energy, carbon credits, health and wellness, education, social infrastructure, and sustainable agriculture. These are, of course, being built on Phaeton’s own 100% green infrastructure.

9. What is the status of PHAE IEO?

Our round 1 of IEO is sold out. From 17th October round 2 is starting, where 20 millions PHAE will be available at a price of 5$/PHAE

10. What are future listing plans for PHAE coin?

We have 3 Confirmed listings as of now. Moreover 3 more listings are under way.

11. Any message for our readers?

Phaeton is changing the internet by creating the world’s largest decentralized network to protect data and information for individuals and businesses.

To learn more about the Phaeton project visit Phaeton.com

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