Exclusive Interview with Dr. Jared Smith, Founder, Apollo Space Token

Apollo Space Token

We managed to get an Exclusive interview with Dr. Jared Smith. He is the founder of Apollo Space Token. One of the most innovative project of 2021. He cleared out all our queries one by one, hope everyone of you get their answers about the project. Tag along with us and read the interview below.

Q. Please introduce yourself?

Hello, I am Dr. Jared Smith. I am the founder of Apollo Space Token.

Q. What is Apollo Space Token about?

AST is a transactional token used in the AST ecosystem to purchase NFTs and the naming rights of stars, as well as other celestial bodies.

Q. How is Apollo Space token similar to the NFT market?

AST is similar in that it creates NFTs related to the stars in their star registry. What separates AST is their unique project consisting of a decentralized database of information.

Q. What the reason behind Apollo Space Token success? $1.5 million market cap in one week of launch, how did you do it?

I think the uniqueness of AST is what separates it from others. The stars are something everyone has admired at some point or another. AST is attempting to bring individuals closer to them. The night sky is about the most awe-inspiring thing in existence. I believe that people see that and feel as if they get closer to it with AST.

Q. How much experience does the team have in the industry?

Collectively the team has about 20 years of experience.

Q. Why did you choose Binance Smart Chain for the project?

BSC is all about ease of use, fast transactions, and the potential to grow. We wanted all of that for AST. It’s a great jump off point for us.

Q. Please explain the token burn algorithm of Apollo Space Token?

We currently have a 2% burn that occurs on every transaction. This has helped us to eliminate over 1.5 billion tokens thus far.

Q. What does the AST token holders get in return?

AST holders get a 5% redistribution off of every transaction but also the rights to purchase star naming rights and star NFTs. This will later be expanded to include constellations, galaxies, and planets.

Q. Where can anyone buy AST token?

Pancake Swap and hopefully a few other exchanges soon.

Q. Any message for our readers?

Check out AST and the passion behind it. AST was developed to help all those involved in its ecosystem. Whether you are a holder, an NFT purchaser, or even someone involved in the long-term growth and validity of the project, there is an insane amount of upside to experience. This thing will be well-known worldwide for its positive contributions to the field of astronomy and how it managed to integrate blockchain tech into the stagnant world of star registries.

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