Exclusive interview with Gianvito Pio, Co-Founder of Sensitrust


Tough times have only propelled innovation. With the tough times that the world is going through right now, nobody can stop a brilliant mind from solving a problem. We got the chance of getting in touch with one such brilliant mind, Gianvito Pio, Co-Founder of Sensitrust. A lot of eyes are at Sensitrust right now as it is an amalgamation of blockchain technology and artificial intelligence. We questioned every aspect of the project and we received direct answers. Take a look!

Q1. What is a decentralized job marketplace, explain it briefly?

A decentralized job marketplace is a platform where customers and teams of professionals, spread across the globe, can interact and make deals to realize simple and complex projects.

Blockchain technologies will be adopted in Sensitrust to support the development phases of product and services, in order to guarantee the transparency, the immutability and the reliability of each process.

Q2. What is the importance of education when it comes to job search?

Education is extremely important in job search. With the rapid proliferation of online courses, we are assisting to an increasingly challenging job market. However, assessing the right candidates for specific jobs is often a tricky task. New users, also known as early professionals, may usually have limited opportunities for involvement in new projects, due to their limited experience or, in general, due to their limited expertise in their field.

In Sensitrust, we will give them the opportunity to collaborate with well-established professionals and will give them access to in-platform training material. Early professionals will also acquire skill points and feedbacks when they collaborate to real activities.

Q3.  Your Project Sensitrust? What is it about?

The Sensitrust project aims to integrate Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence technologies to create a platform where customers and professionals can safely interact and make deals. Our platform will exploit Blockchain technologies, during all the phases of the interaction, to monitor and facilitate the verification of the quality of products and services. 

There are three general scenarios that are supported by Sensitrust.

Hiring a Professional

For a given product or service of interest, Sensitrust will show a catalogue of professionals who appear to have the necessary skills to design it. Indeed, professionals may have different skills (e.g., programming, graphic design, marketing, research, etc.), that are used by the platform to make suggestions according to the customer needs. The customer also provides a configuration, in which he/she defines the offered price, the time constraints and other requirements. This configuration can be guided by our Platform Consultant, that exploits both Artificial Intelligence and human experts to maximize the expected effectiveness of the service.

Seeking for job opportunities

Professionals will get access to a plethora of job opportunities. Our AI engine will suggest them the available activities, according to their verified skills. This “guided” approach aims at improving the success rate, since it provides professionals with activities that better match with their true expertise.

Call to Action

The platform will offer to its customers the opportunity to create customized campaigns for complex projects, that stimulate the active participation of in-platform professionals interested in the design and development of a product or service. This model will create a plethora of new opportunities for professionals. On the other hand, it will allow entrepreneurs to focus on their ideas and to easily find a decentralized development team.

In all the scenarios, professionals will receive a feedback on the quality of the work performed, by the customer, by a set of external reviewers and by our AI engine. Once the work is approved, the professional will receive the agreed compensation. If the professional was helped by some early professionals, he will provide a feedback on the quality of the work, that will be correspond to reputation points. All the activities performed in the platform will be regulated by Smart Contracts: agreements, quality and temporal constraints, checkpoints and multiple revisions will be governed, in a decentralized, immutable and certified manner.

Q4. What is SETS? What is the significance of this token?

SETS is our Sensitrust token that is very similar to a digital voucher. The token will be seamlessly integrated in our platform, allowing users to buy featured services at a discounted price. Such services include, but are not limited to:

  • Access to more qualified professionals (as a customer)
  • Access to more job opportunities (as professional)
  • Advanced platform consultant, based on both AI and human experts
  • Stronger guarantees on products and services
  • Access to in-platform training material
  • Membership Subscriptions (all-inclusive packages)

The token is currently available for sale at 0.05€/SETS (presale) and will be sold at 0.08€/SETS during the public sale. When spent to buy services on the Sensitrust platform, in the long term we will put in place a burning plan, in order to sustain the appreciation of the token value in the market.

Q5. What motivated you to initiate this project?

Initially, our inspiration came from the issues and limitations that we, as a core team, experienced in our field, namely in the Academy. We subsequently considered such issues in a generalized way, devising solutions that are applicable to any sector in the traditional job market.

More in detail, in the traditional job market, looking for specialized human resources in a specific geographic area, or willing to relocate, is increasingly difficult. Remote professionals allow for more flexibility, but their relationships with clients are, in many cases, still handled “in the wild”, without a rigorous set of rules and protection mechanisms that are usually guaranteed in traditional environments.

In Sensitrust, we aim at making decentralized collaborations a recognized, reliable and standard way to work.

Q6. What is your vision and the goal you want to ultimately achieve with Sensitrust?

Our main goal is to realize an ecosystem for the synergic development of products and services, in a smart and remote working environment. Our vision is to develop an innovative platform that fosters safety and transparency, guarantees the satisfaction of specifications and constraints during project development, adopts smart contracts to define and verify agreements in working relationships, and leverages the integration of Artificial Intelligence methodologies with Blockchain.

Q7. What are the unique benefits that Sensitrust have and other job marketplace don’t?

Our proposal is inherently different when compared to other projects, which only focus on the possibility for a business to sell basic products and services or ensure safety from a payment perspective. On the contrary, Sensitrust will bring an integrated system that will manage, monitor and support all the activities from A to Z.

Together with the strong adoption of Blockchain and AI technologies, Sensitrust will present innovative features, such as:

• Platform consultant: customers will receive suggestions to improve product and service requirements, and to solve disputes through our AI engine and human experts.

• Skill levels: customers will gain the possibility to hire highly skilled professionals, leading to an improved final quality of your desired product/service.

• Guaranteed KPIs: customers will be able to define both loose and strict requirements for the desired product/service and get them automatically verified.

• Training resources: professionals will have the possibility to improve their skills, through exclusive training resources, including online courses, seminars, and webinars.

• Early workers: they will join the platform as trainees, participate in new activities, grow their professional skills, and get officially recognized.

Q8. How do you plan to expand in near future?

Once our funding goal is reached and our core platform is developed, we plan to realize sub-platforms tailored to specific fields of application. We identified three sectors that we believe could benefit from our innovation, but we are ready to extend them to market sectors that may possibly benefit from our technologies to satisfy specific needs.

Academy: A specific sub-platform will support activities, such as building an international team with different skills to effectively carry out a project, finding specialized reviewers to evaluate scientific articles or projects, and seeking highly qualified experts to teach specific topics.

Information Technology: In this field, it appears relevant to find tech teams to design/implement software artifacts, running coding challenges, and accessing ready-to-use frameworks and algorithms.

Banking & Trading: We will implement a specific sub-platform to support activities such as hiring expert data analysts to monitor, analyze and perform trading operations, developing blockchain-based solutions for ordinary or traditional tasks, and developing blockchain-based solutions for innovative products and services.

For further information, please see our whitepaper

Buy SETS token now at a discounted price 0.05€/SETS


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