Q1. What is ISAL Coin about? Can you give us a brief?

ISAL coin is a cryptocurrency founded by Nuxese. The mission of Nuxese is to assist users as well as investors to enhance their profit by making flawless crypto trading. Nuxese launched ISAL coin on ERC 20 Token Ethereum Blockchain to facilitate the smart contracts to have a flawless transaction and offer investor payments against their investment rapidly as compared to the traditional way of returning to investors. ISAL coin helps in simplifying the settlement against any assets like crypto, payments, asset tokens as well as security.

Q2. What is Nuxese about?

NUXESE was incorporated in 2020 in Maealuse tn 3a, Mustamae linnaosa, Tallin, Harju maakond, 12618. NUXESE provides a secure, interactive, and flexible Trading Environment and user-friendly interface for its community to manage various types of transactions consisting of many crypto assets.

NUXESE allows traders globally to negotiate their Crypto Asset trades directly interacting with each other and sharing their experience with the community. Also, we will allow features of payment options for stores and online shopping.

NUXESE will help customers and suppliers to set up their online stores. NUXESE vision is to help increase profits for both users and investors; we would like to make crypto trading hassle-free for investors and users.

Q3. What is the mission and vision of ISAL Coin?

ISAL coin team vision is to use the coin in every sector of life. It should be utilized in stores, supermarkets, restaurants and it offers some of the innovative ideas for all companies to have a comfortable atmosphere for ISAL coin. The main vision is to enhance the number of users who should accept crypto payment. The primary mission is to make the coin to get utilized across the world both in online as well as offline businesses and provide a traditional financial investment model.

Q4. What are some of the components of ISAL Coin?

ISAL Coin gives supports to many of the projects like:

PayNXS which is a mobile app for making payment at sales point across the world.

ShopNXS is an online store with the best features.

ISAL wallet which is used to store ISAL coin along with other cryptocurrencies.

Trading NXS used for trading with help of some limited tools.

Q5. What are the benefits of using ISAL Coin?

A strong ICO sales directly to be used in all four projects as an option of payment with cash back rewords stimulating users. Also, ISAL has another sale of point through FreedomNXS that functions with an encrypted referral system. FreedomNXS allows you to purchase ISAL coins anytime and sale in two years time. As well as, ISAL will be used in trading exchange with valuable strategic value for benefits of traders/investors.

It is a great opportunity for investors as its price enhances when it is sold and provides daily bonuses based on investment as well as referral bonuses.

ISAL coin possesses great market price with low volatility and risk. It allows user to accept cryptocurrency and get returns in their fiat currency.

The most important advantage is the professional team behind it who has strong knowledge of cryptocurrency marketing, management as well as the finance industry.

Q6. What are the features of ISAL Wallet?

ISAL decentralized blockchain wallet is an easy way to sell, buy, store Bitcoin, or other digital currencies and has firm security, which is very important in the crypto world. It will be available for Android, IOS, and Desktop.

So, you can quickly manage multiple currencies, search transaction history, and customize your account. With Enhanced Security features, you can utilize Multi-Factor Authentication to ensure that you’re attempting to sign in to your ISAL Wallet. Getting started is simple and only takes a few minutes to set up. You can also take advantage of low fees, low spreads, best prices, and feature-packed app to unlock your trading & investing potential. ISAL Wallet guarantees the integrity of data and transactions. With using ISAL coin, there are no transfer or currency conversion fees.

Q7. What are the features & component of ShopNXS?

ISAL will be used in the ShopNXS project as a currency for shopping for both consumers and suppliers. It features payment options for stores and online shopping. E-commerce has grown up to be the best and most important businesses to achieve large profits with little effort and limited capabilities in a short time compared to other businesses.

Therefore, it is necessary for any merchant, service provider, or any business brand to own an online store to display products/services and differentiate them from others in order to increase sales. There are many good ecommerce platforms that provide business owners with all tools to run their businesses easily, effectively, and profitably on a daily basis. But, the problem for these platforms is the source of products, where they are obtained from.

SHOPNXS consist of 4 types of platforms:

  1. ShopNXS Cart
  2. ShopNXS Product
  3. ShopNXS Supplier
  4. ShopNXS Fulfillment

Q8. What is the significance of PayNXS? How is it going to make the payment process smooth?

PayNXS application is built to use ISAL as a payment option. The PayNXS targets restaurants, supermarkets, and all suppliers and customers who can place their orders for pick-ups or deliveries. The PayNXS has excellent cashback rewards value to attract and sustain users’ satisfaction.

Despite the increasing use of cryptocurrencies nowadays, there is still a limitation market as they are still within the digital market regardless of many efforts to make the cryptocurrencies most used in stores rather than online. One of the main reason for such difficulty is the cryptocurrencies value itself, the price against the fiat money currencies is unpredictable and wobbling as well as lack of cryptocurrencies knowledge among users; that’s why it is easier and practical to use cryptocurrencies online, they give users a specific period to pay which cannot be controlled in reality, in stores.

PAYNXS provides an innovative method to connect the digital cryptocurrencies market with fiat money by a useful payment method. At the same time, some other companies have failed to resolve it, and their projects did not go well and retreated within a brief period.

Q9. How people can buy ISAL Coin?

There is a KYC process indulged in purchasing ISAL Coin. The whole process assists all financial sectors like the crypto exchanges in mitigating the exploitation. They get the proper identification of the consumer. The three steps involved in the whole process are; Consumer identification involving nationality, date of birth, name, phone number. Document identification number, Driving license, and passport.

It is vital to ensure that all information is given matches well with the identification documents. It helps in lessening the money laundering, corruption, terrorism funding along with other illegal activities. KYC process during ISAL coin purchase helps in the proper identification of customers.

The team behind the ISAL coin is experts with varied skills, crypto specialist, blockchain specialist, and cyber treat expert along with AI expertise. They possess several years of experience in managing some of the highly developed ventures. The whole team consists of some of the best people to assist users, investors and partners. This is the reason ISAL Coin offers so much of reliability, support, highly secured platform along with complete transparency.

Q10. What is the Pre-Sale Date and timings?

ISAL Coin Pre-Sale will start in just one day. You can register yourself at isalcoin.com to take part in the upcoming ISAL coin Pre-Sale. ISAL coin has a hard cap of 126,000,000.00 ISAL. The Retail price of 1 ISAL is 0.15 USD.

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