Exclusive Interview with Kevin Kum, COO, QuizArena

Our editors arranged an interview with Mr. Kevin Kum, co-founder & Chief of Operations of QuizArena. QuizArena is a revolutionary Free-to-Play (F2P), quiz and puzzle blockchain game where everyone can start playing without paying. Dive into the below given interview to know about about the project.

Please introduce yourself?

My name is Kevin Kum, one of the co-founder & Chief of Operations for Quizarena.

What is QuizArena?

Quizarena is a Free-to-Play (F2P), quiz and puzzle blockchain game where everyone can start playing without paying. Quizarena utilize the Compete-to-Earn (C2E) model to reward players with tokens through engaging gameplay animations and participation in Player-Versus-Player (PVP) and tournaments. With the combination of F2P and C2E models, Quizarena gives players the opportunity to learn, while playing and earning rewards at the same time.

Adopting a F2P model allows players who are unfamiliar with blockchain, cryptocurrency and non-fungible token (NFT) opportunity to be part of the community instantly, while bringing down entry barriers for acquiring new knowledge on more topics to come. F2P players will be exposed to questions about blockchain, cryptocurrency, NFT and endless suites of topics. Our vision is to create an interactive & conducive environment for Edutainment. Single player challenges will enable players the opportunity to learn all about the topics they choose, players who do their own research and learn about the topic will stand a higher chance of winning the tournament and earning tokens (QZA). 

Quizarena tournaments will motivate players to learn with potential to earn huge rewards from prize pool. The economic model of Quizarena is structured in a way that revenue are generated from advertisement which circulates back into Quizarena’s treasury and the game ecosystem.

How do you define Learn-to-earn and Compete-to-earn?

Learn-To-Earn means that players would be able to earn rewards by learning.

Compete-To-Earn means players would be able to earn when they compete for QZA.

What are the games in the QuizArena gaming metaverse? 

Quizarena has three type of games modes. The game modes in Quizarena are QuizFi (PVE), Battle Quiz (PVP) and Quizarena Tournament. 

The first game mode is QuizFi. QuizFi is the Free-to-play and Learn-to-Earn aspect of Quizarena. 

The second game mode is Battle Quiz. Battle Quiz is the Compete-to-earn aspect of Quizarena. 

Studying alone can be boring, which is why Quizarena has quiz battles. Players can battle it out with their knowledge and earn, by Wager and battling players worldwide. Both players will wage the same amount of tokens into the prize pool. Then, the player who answered the most questions correctly, gets to walk away with majority of the combined prize pool. 

Lastly the third game mode and main highlight is Quizarena tournament, which All players had anticipated for, a monthly tournaments where players battle it out for the crown of Quizarena Champion. Verifiable random function will be implemented on the blockchain, to ensure there is complete fairness in the first match-up pairing. Subsequent tournament match-up will be based on our algorithm to match players of similar knowledge together.

What are the feature set for the games?

We seek to bring people and also families together through gaming and learning, to bring on an era where literally knowledge means wealth, so that this mind set is not limited to top percentile in the world. Imagine a platform where people earns from playing game while gaining knowledge which help them gain competitive edge in this fast paced evolution era, players can also gather their family & friends together to answer questions. This will give new purpose to learning and impact people of all ages.

Quizarena is an ecosystem that connects and gamify Education with quiz & puzzle games, where everyone would be able to Learn & Earn.

Why name Quizarena?

So why do we pick the name “Quizarena”? Let us break it up into “Quiz” and “Arena”. “Quiz” is defined as the test of knowledge, where one’s knowledge is tested by questions or the ability to solve puzzles. Quizarena is the start of a new metaverse, where Quizarena is competitively built on many different games to test and gain more knowledge. The word “Arena”, define Quizarena as a place where individuals gather to challenge each other with spectators watching the battle. 

What are the goals of Quizarena?

Quizarena aims to be an Esport platform where players learn to improve their knowledge while battling with other players for honour and wealth. We seek to nurture Quizarena to be part of the Esports community, with the rise of competitive Esports scene.

With these goals in mind, Quizarena is established to cater to players of all ages and knowledge. The Free-to-play and Learn-to-Earn mechanism are designed to build confidence and knowledge for players taking their first step into who are foreign to the world of cryptocurrency. To keep the players engaged, we will be changing the quiz question database periodically. Come and join us, put your wits to the test and battle it out with your friends and the community. 

What are the rewards for playing the game and how to redeem the reward tokens?

Quizarena is a F2P blockchain quiz game. We reward players for their daily efforts in playing QuizFi and improving their knowledge along the journey. Equipped with their daily rewards of $QC and newly formed knowledge, players will stand a higher chance of winning the more of Quizarena tournaments’ prize pool. Get your thinking cap on and prepare for the upcoming Quizarena tournaments and be crowned the next Quizarena Champion. Quizarena Champions will walk away will QZA and NFT heroes as their trophies.

Please briefly explain the Tokenomics of the project?

Refer to the table below for the Quizarena (QZA) token summary. 

Refer to the table below for the Quizarena (QZA) token distribution.

What is the significance of QZA token in the QuizArena ecosystem?

QZA is a utility token which are used as the mode of exchange between participants in Quizarena in a decentralized manner. The purpose of introducing QZA is to provide a convenient and secure mode of payment and settlement between players.

QZA can be used to:

  • Purchase in-game currency ($QC) 
  • Players can mint NFTs with QZA
  • Players can wage against other players in PvP mode to win more tokens
  • Players can purchase loot box key with QZA
  • Players can staked QZA in exchange for higher in-game bonus attributes

What is the ultimate goal for QuizArena?

Quizarena will be transformed into an arena metaverse filled with various types of wits games. Furthermore, as our community grew bigger, the competitive esports within Quizarena will grow as well. Hence, Quizarena will transit from a game into a platform, it will be a long and exciting journey for the team and our community. So, stay tuned on our social media for more updates.

Do the team have previous experiences in this industry?

The game studio behind the making of Quizarena has vast experience in the field of 2D and 3D gaming space. The game studio comprise of developers who are well skilled Unity, Unreal Engine, Construct3, Adobe photoshop, Autodesk Maya LT, Autodesk 3DS Max, Photon, mongoDB and Nodejs. Next, Quizarena has partnered with Jadelabs who will be providing their assistance towards the development of blockchain for Quizarena. The team of Jadelabs comprises experienced developers in the field of blockchain and UI/UX design. Jadelabs had worked on past blockchain projects like HEROESTD, CATO, HANAGOLD, BITBACK, and TSS. On top of our strong game and blockchain development team, Quizarena also has a strong advisory board. Our advisory board will be providing guidance to us on the most effective marketing approach to adopt and connecting us to several exchanges for future listing.

Is the QuizArena project running on time with the roadmap? What is your next planned event?

We are right on track with the schedule planned out for the roadmap. We are also working extremely hard to complete the Beta version of the game, expected delivery date will be early January. Followed by the full game launch to be developed by the end of Q1 2022. After which, we will host the first Quizarena competition, top few winners will be awarded with QZA and NFT heroes, while we will prepare for the upcoming NFT heroes sale, to allow everyone to purchase loot boxes with QZA. More information about the NFTs will be released in near future. These loot boxes will have a various rarity of NFT heroes with different in-game attributes. We are currently focused on game development.

Do you have any exchange listings planned?

We have been speaking to many exchanges, all of which are licensed in different parts of the world. We want to determine the locality of our player base and investors first, before making a major decision of listing onto an exchange. This would help to ensure that we target the right community through the right exchange.

Any message for our readers?

We would like to thank our readers for spending their valuable time reading through the whole article about Quizarena. Learn-to-Earn is a new and foreign concept in the blockchain gaming space, which is why our readers and community are the first few people to be exposed to this concept. So, get excited with us as we marched through together and paved out a new gaming space where players can learn, compete and earn at the same time.

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