Exclusive Interview with Luis Henrique da Silva Martins, CEO & Founder Blockcage

Luis Henrique da Silva Martins

Our editors had the chance to Interview Mr. Luis Henrique da Silva Martins. He is the CEO & Founder of a fintech based startup Blockcage. The project itself looked really promising and it had the caliber to become a unicorn within a few years. Read the interview below to know more about the

Q. Briefly introduce yourself?

Nice to meet you, I’m Luis Henrique da Silva Martins, CEO & Founder of startup Blockcage.

Q. What is Blockcage?

Blockcage is a fintech built on blockchain technology, we will be a large digital bank of cryptoactives, which will facilitate the entry of the unbanked into the universe of cryptoactives.

Q. How does Blockcage differentiate from the competition?

Our competitive differential lies in the technology that uses the blockchain to link several chains of cryptoactives within the cryptoaccount, with a portfolio of investments, cards, payments and other services that only large banks could offer.

Q. How does the Blockcage credit and debit card works? What are the benefits of using them?

Our card is under the mastercard brand, benefits of use is the 1% return of cryptoback you receive within your account, the card has international membership and use.

Q. What are the 8 crypto currencies that can be used via Blockcage?


Q. What are the different elements of the Blockcage ecosystem?

Investment portfolio, tax payments using encryption, card, recharges, game vouchers, IDO fund among other elements.

Q. Please explain the Tokenomics of the project and also how you allocate the tokens within the Blockcage ecosystem?

Our supply is 400 million, let’s reduce it to 50 million

Developer team has 25% of supply blocked until 2024, we can’t sell until the end of that date.

the rest of the supply used to close partnerships and enter more exchanges and is available for sale.

every new customer who opens a Blockcage account will buy BKG to lower transaction fees.

Q. Why did you choose Binance Smart Chain for the project?

Much faster network very cheap transaction fees, this allows for much easier service and integration into our ecosystem.

Q. What are the technical backgrounds of the Blockcage team?

Our team has people from the financial market, commercial, administrative, marketing, technology and blockchain specialists.

Q. Is the Blockcage project running according to the roadmap? What is your next planned event?

We will finish the IEO on the 12th and the launch will take place on 12/15, and we are on our roadmap, next steps we will close partnerships with more exchanges and in March 2022 our app will be fully ready.

Q. What are the plans for Blockcage token sale? Is it live now as we speak?

We will release in decentralized and centralized exchanges, and close partnerships with strategic companies to increase the usability of the token, we will provide the necessary benefits for customers to buy for the long term.

Q. How does Blockcage plan to be a market leader in the Latin America space?

Through strategic partnerships with local authorities and institutions, we see 250 million people who do not have access to banks and have never invested in cryptocurrencies, let’s change that.

Q. Any message for our readers?

The time to build something inclusive and lasting is now, visit our IEO link, see our team, see our pitch deck and follow our communities, be part of this revolution in Latin America and the world, I count on you, thank you and greetings from Blockcage team (BKG).

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