Exclusive Interview with Minh, CEO Planet Sandbox

Q. Hello, Please tell us more about yourself?

Pleasure to meet you! My name is Minh, I’m the CEO of Planet Sandbox. I have 9+ years in the game industry. Please visit my website for more information: https://minhnh.tech/. It’s delighted to talk with Scoopnix community today and I’m excited to share with you guys about Planet Sandbox project!

Q. Please briefly explain what Planet Sandbox is?

Planet Sandbox is a 3D NFT Play2Earn shooting sandbox game. We got two main game modes: the first one is shooting mode, where players can pick up their weapons and compete with others in intriguing game modes such as battle royale, and zombie defense.

The building mode is the next phase where the player can acquire a land piece, which is called a sandbox in out game, customize it to facilitate others to join in their land and play and earn there.

Providing a diversity of NFT items to use in plentiful game modes, Planet Sandbox allows players to play2earn and comforts them in their recreational time.

Q. Who is the team behind PlanetSandbox?

We are DeFun Studio – an experienced and passionate gaming studio based in Hanoi, Vietnam with more than 30 enthusiasts in operation and development.  Personally, I started game development since 2013 and has experience with many team sizes raging from an indie to a big team of ~70 members. My main responsibilities is in various roles like developer (client, server, DevOps), head of game, CEO. Check out my portfolio: https://minhnh.tech/. With diligence and dedication to bring the best game experience to players, we are working hard every day to deliver exactly what we promised with the community.

Q. How does Planet Sandbox aim to stand out in the continuously surging GameFi Market?

What differentiates Planet Sandbox and most other games in the GameFi market is the concept Play AND Earn. We focus on perfecting our product for the players can enjoy the most fun within PlanetSandbox metaverse with quality graphics, UI/UX and Dapp. The various game modes are to cater a wide range of players, each can find the mode they like best and play and earn from it. To ensure transparency, we audit every important stage of development with CertiK – a leading blockchain security firm to ensure security for our users. Last but not least, we are moving fast! The Demo Dapp & Marketplace and Testnet is just the very first steps of PlanetSandbox journey to conquer the Play2Earn industry. Are you excited to witness the beginning of a revolution? It’s always not too late to join in!

Q. Congratulations on the launching of Demo Marketplace and D-App Release! Can you tell us more about it?

Last week, we are delighted to announce that our Demo D-app is fully released, with the Marketplace available for testing trade activities. The users will need to access BSC testnet from their Metamask wallet, then we provide a faucet for them to redeem testnet tokens to perform NFT trading on marketplace.

All the steps are demonstrated in this detailed guideline: https://planetsandbox.medium.com/planetsandboxs-official-d-app-and-marketplace-are-live-now-a5c2b6dbfb80

Q. Please highlight some of the key features to look out for in the Demo Marketplace Release.

The Dapp include a homepage with the latest news of PlanetSandbox and price update on our two type of tokens – $PSB and $PULV. Then, the players can access the Marketplace to buy mystery boxes which have drop rate of different champions and weapons. The more premium the box, the more chance to open a high-rank champion and weapon.

They can also list them for sales, or deposit them to play in our Testnet. PlanetSandbox Testnet is now available for download in our official website:  https://planetsandbox.io/.

To celebrate this milestone, we are hosting a Testnet Championship to incentivize our community to participate in the Testnet, try out the game and have the chance to win the $1000 prize pool. Check out the detail in here: https://planetsandbox.medium.com/testnet-championship-official-release-546772b5c1b8

Q. Can you share with us the upcoming roadmap for Planet Sandbox in short-term and long-term?


  • Official Mainnet Play to Earn game launch
  • Marketplace ready for trading
  • Dapp release with staking V2
  • Guild war / Season Ranking / Battle Pass
  • E-Sport Tournament mode


  • Builder mode
  • NFT Renting Function
  • Metaverse R&D
  • New game mode (Zombie)
  • Mobile Platform


  • DAO: Community Governance
  • New game mode (Red light – Green light, Props Hunt)
  • Metaverse
  • R&D new features
  • Multi-chain ecosystem

Q. What is your vision in PlanetSandbox Metaverse?

The project’s vision is to create a metaverse built and controlled by players. Planet Sandbox provides a diversity of weapons and champions systems for players to use in plentiful game modes. So that players can be immersed in PSB’s ecosystem, which not only allows you to play and earn but also comfort you in your free time or relax with friends. It becomes an interconected virtual invironment and happens inside Planet Sandbox Metaverse.

Q. What exchanges is Planet Sandbox listed on? Can we expect more listings coming up?

Currently, our $PSB token is listed on:

📌 Gate.io: https://gate.io/trade/psb_usdt

📌 PancakeSwap: https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?inputCurrency=0xe9e7cea3dedca5984780bafc599bd69add087d56&outputCurrency=0x36bfBb1d5B3C9b336f3D64976599B6020cA805F1

The availability on both centralized and decentralized exchanges offers our users the ease of choosing a means that suits their preferences. For further listings information, we aim to list our token in top centralised exchanges and are working on it. However, the details are yet to be disclosed until officially confirmed.

Q. Any note that you would like to pass on to our readers?

The crypto market has been fluctuated in the past months. However, the bear market must mean a time to build infrastructure and momentum. Planet Sandbox is focusing on the release of our mainnet and new features such as staking NFT, new game modes and DAO. Watch out for us as we will disrupt the Play2Earn GameFi industry! Join the journey now by following us on social media:

Twitter | Telegroup | Website | Medium | Discord| Youtube

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