Exclusive Interview with Mohamed Madhi, Founding Member, Sinan Energy

The team at Scoopnix got a chance to interview Mr. Mohamed Madhi from Sinan Energy. Sinan Energy is an industry leader when it comes to tokenizing renewable energy and carbon credits. While being one of the founding member in the most promising projects in 2022, Mr. Mohamed Madhi was humble and patient enough to answer all our queries. Take a deep dive down to the our questions and his answers, we are sure this will help you clear all the doubts you had in your mind about Sinan Energy.

Q. Please introduce yourself?

HI, this is Mohamed Madhi, I am a founding member of Sinan Energy, I have over twenty years executive experience to CEO level in the Energy, IT and Telecommunications Industries with large multinationals and small tech startups. My experience spans a variety of renewable energy technologies and I have specialist expertise in energy control systems, IOT, DApp and Blockchain Architecture, large -scale project management and fintech.

More importantly the Sinan Energy Core Leadership Team have cross functional expertise in cutting-edge renewable energy technologies, blockchain architecture, global carbon markets and sustainable development. The team have extensive first-hand experience in designing and building renewable energy plants on four continents and in carbon credit generation and certification.

Q. What is the unique opportunity Sinan Energy brings to investors?

Until now an average person could not invest directly into large scale renewable energy infrastructure. Only big engineering companies and financial institutions were benefitting from the massive growth and profitability generated by modern renewable energy plants. Investment into these plants was further complicated by the local regulations of the country where a plant was being built. At Sinan Energy we have made it possible for an investor anywhere in the world to benefit directly from renewable energy plants built in favorable locations across the globe. This means by buying SET tokens a holder benefits from the sale of renewable energy and from the carbon credits created. Both of these revenue streams are shared by token holders.

Q. How is Sinan Energy applying Blockchain Technology

Sinan’s blockchain platform enables it to tokenize, record and verify carbon credits that are generated from its own plants. This allows it to achieve international certification and hence trade carbon credits on global carbon markets for the benefit of its token holders

This integrated carbon credit value chain from source to market provides a lucrative revenue stream which combined with the sale of energy makes the return on investment for SET token holders very attractive

Q. How is Sinan Energy different from other energy companies in the crypto space?

Most important is that we control the energy production and the carbon credit creation from source to market, this eliminates risk and puts Sinan in control of the total value chain, this is unique as most competitors simply trade the energy or carbon credits but don’t control the source

Q. Explain the potential behind Renewable Energy and Carbon Credit markets

Renewable energy is one of the fastest growing markets with an unprecedented level of investment and global adoption by energy users, especially commercial and industrial sector businesses. Over the past year in excess of $329 billion dollars was invested in renewable energy, more than six times higher than the amount invested a decade earlier.

Similarly, carbon credits markets have boomed in recent years, driven by the need to reduce harmful atmospheric emissions to prevent accelerating climate change. Most of the top 5000 corporations, who combined, make up over 80% of the world’s GDP, have adopted net-zero targets for 2030. This has led to an explosion in carbon credit demand with prices increasing over 700% in the last four years alone.

Q. Why should one invest in Sinan Energy Tokens?

Sinan has the rare opportunity for high growth in a high yield environment. Year on Year revenue growth is expected to exceed 100%. Maximizing early growth creates a stable base of high yield annuity income projects that consistently generate strong cash flows. In addition to benefitting from energy revenue that is used to increase plant capacity and compound carbon credit generation, token holders automatically receive carbon credits gained from the operation of the underlying renewable energy assets. Carbon credits are expected to increase fifteen-fold in value over the next decade as the global drive to Net Zero carbon emissions gathers momentum. This presents significant upside yield to token holders. The carbon credits can be held, traded independently or sold through the Sinan platform.

Q. What is the status of your projects, have you got existing clients?

Sinan has signed Power Purchase Agreements (PPA’s) to build plants with a total capacity of more than 100MW.  Utility-scale plants will be built at Sinan’s Innovation Implementation Zone in the Northern Cape, South Africa which has amongst the highest levels of solar radiation in the world. Sinan also has clients for whom decentralized grids and standalone plants will be built. The first two client projects are scheduled to start construction in July 2022.

Q. What types of renewable energy technologies does Sinan Energy have experience with and do you have any technology partners?

Sinan utilizes a variety of generation technologies to build customised power plants for each client’s individual needs. Power and Energy Generation Technologies include Solar, CSP, MCT, Wind, Biomass and a variety of Energy Storage technologies.

In terms of partnerships, Sinan has concluded collaboration agreements with global technology innovators to implement new renewable energy technologies that are ready for commercialization at the Sinan Innovation Implementation Zone. These partners have developed new renewable energy technologies in the areas of storage, urban wind turbines and new power generation methods

Q. Is the SET token listed on any exchange? Where to buy SET?

Yes, Sinan Energy Token (SET) is listed on p2pb2b global crypto exchange and can be bought here: https://p2pb2b.com/trade/SET_USDT/

Q. What is your next major planned milestone Any major announcement you want the community to know about?

The next major milestone is the launch of our blockchain platform in Q3 2022. This is a significant step forward since it will allow us to fulfill our business model and create a full carbon credit value chain. Also, a great achievement has been the contracts we have signed to provide energy to the private sector. These contracts are for over 100MW of renewable energy plant capacity to be built to supply power to commercial and industrial sector clients

Q. Any message for our readers?

The kind of growth we are seeing in the renewable energy sector happens only once in a generation. This is the biggest global trend right now, even bigger than microcomputers, cellphones, and the whole crypto industry. If you missed out before, make sure you don’t miss out on the renewable energy boom.

To learn more about Sinan Energy please visit www.sinanenergy.com

Follow them on social media:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/SinanEnergy

Telegram: https://t.me/Sinan_Energy

Medium: https://medium.com/@SinanEnergy

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJ8jblaKoOeei3KfGO7W4Qg

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