Exclusive Interview with Mr. Arpit, CEO, GOinfluencer

Arpit Goinfluencer

Team Scoopnix was in an interview with one of the most promising projects in 2021, GOinfluencer. The reason behind calling it the most promising project can be easily seen in the below interview. Mr. Arpit, CEO of GOinfluencer managed to take some time out from his busy schedule and we made sure we ask all the necessary questions. Read through the interview below to find out more.

Q. Please introduce yourself?

Hi, I am Arpit, CEO and Co-Founder of GOinfluencer.

Q. What is GOinfluencer?

GOinfluencer is an influencer marketing platform which automates end to end influencer marketing cycle and makes running an influencer marketing campaign as easy as running a google/facebook ad campaign initially focussing in crypto space

Q. How does AI help in the GOinfluencer search engine?

In this day and age, data plays a very important role in designing any system. We have also made sure that data is an integral part of our product and with the help of data, we assist the brands and influencers in taking more informed decisions. The role of Machine Learning and AI is very integral to how we are building the product

Our aim is to automate the entire influencer marketing process, right from the discovery of the right set of influencers to analysing performance and measuring ROI. We aspire to make running an influencer marketing as simple as running a facebook/google ad, but with better results (CPM and CPC). In order to do this, for brands and influencer, we have come up with GOinfluencer Suite. It is a complete Suite for both Influencers and Businesses with different modules. GO Search, GOAnalytics and GO Campaigns help businesses for campaign design and execution. Brand connect, Competitive analysis and GOinfluencer Academy help influencers to grow and connect with businesses.

All of the product features in the Suite involve intelligent decision making based on the different data points available on the social media platforms. We enable intelligent search, sophisticated competitor analysis and accurate relevance and fit through the use of machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Q. What is your target audience? Who & what kind of a person/business should be using GOinfluencer?

GOinfluencer caters to brands, influencers and marketing agencies. 

On the projects side, any project which requires influencer marketing solutions should connect with us. We will help them in identifying the right set of influencers for them and execute the entire influencer marketing campaign process for them. We have been associating ourselves with different sets of entities such as VC, launchpad, project etc. for them to connect us with their partner projects, who can potentially be our brand partners as well. By doing this, we are ensuring that we get enough projects for influencer marketing on a regular basis without significant business development effort and generate decent revenues consistently.

Furthermore, we have relevant use cases for the influencers as well who can connect with brands on our platform. In addition to that, they can analyze their competitors, learn from the legends in their space, and learn more about how they can grow their community.

Q. How is influencer marketing better as compared to paid advertising?

Research shows that influencer marketing has been observed to be one of the most cost-effective forms of marketing. When compared to paid advertising, influencer marketing helps the brands in reaching their right audience more efficiently. Every influencer has a dedicated following, who regularly follow updates from the influencer. The influencer has carefully created this loyal following base and knows the kind of content that they want to consume. This makes the marketing process very efficient as by knowing the right audience to target, the brands can onboard these influencers in order to convey the information to the audience. On the other hand, the broad range of targeting that is done in paid advertising incurs relatively higher cost and is not as effective as influencer marketing.

Q. What are the different components of GOinfluencer marketing suite?

GOinfluencer marketing Suite is a complete Suite for both Influencers and Businesses with different modules. GO Search, GOAnalytics and GO Campaigns help businesses for campaign design and execution. Brand connect, Competitive analysis and GOinfluencer Academy help influencers to grow and connect with businesses.

Q. How can an influencer connect to GOinfluencer? How will they be paid?

Influencers can connect us through our Twitter account (@GO_Influencer) or ping me on Telegram (@arpitt01). We have also come up with an influencer onboarding tool for influencers to sign up: https://creators.goinfluencer.io/.

They will be paid directly by the project in the preferred currency. When the platform is up and running, the entire payment process will also be automated. Post the payment, they can start working with the project to create the content and relay it through their social media handle.

Q. What previous experiences does the team have in this industry?

The three of us have mostly spent our professional lives in the start-up ecosystem and understand the rigors of it. Execution of this idea rests on three major areas: product, tech, and marketing analytics. Each one of us has gained specialization in one of these fields in the last 4-5 years. We believe that our experience and exposure in the corporate world has helped us in covering the scope of the problem entirely. With respect to experience in the crypto space, I (Arpit) have worked as a product lead at Rocket Vault for the past 1.5 years.

Q. What are some of the existing clients of GOinfluencer & how is GOinfluencer helping them reach their specified goals?

We have partnered with some of the best VCs in the space who have provided us with the expertise and knowledge to grow in this space. Some of the investors that we can be proud to partner with include Ferrum Network, Synapse Network, Grizzly Capital, and RiKX Capital. Our advisors include Ian Friend (COO of Ferrum Network), Kiran Mannam (CEO and Founder of Rocket Vault) and RiKX Capital. 

In addition to this, we have established partnerships with diverse projects and influencer networks such as GameStation, Cryptia, Smart Liquidity, Cryptilistic Marketing Agency, Origin Ventures, and SWGI.

Our influencer selection process and the campaign design process is something that our clients have been extremely impressed with. We were able to design them efficiently and effectively, which enabled them to reach out to their target audience in a cost-effective manner.

Q. Is the project running on-time as per the roadmap? What is your next planned event?

Yes, the project is running on-time as per our roadmap. We have already started working with multiple clients for their influencer marketing requirements while we are developing the product. We have already worked with over 25+ projects till now and have cumulatively run campaigns worth more than $100,000+ budget for them. Apart from that, we have already launched the influencer onboarding tool on which influencers can register themselves and we can onboard them based on the project’s requirements. The tool can be accessed here: https://creators.goinfluencer.io/

We had to postpone the IDO from October to December due to poor market conditions, which is our next planned event.

Q. What is the significance of $GOIN token?

B2B Use Cases:

  • Payment of platform subscription fee and campaign management fees.
  • 10-40% extra discounts the user pays via GOIN tokens.
  • Staking: Unlocking of premium features based on stacking(dextools model). For eg: for GO Campaigns users will have to hold tokens for the whole duration of the campaign.
  • Influencers and businesses can hold tokens and improve their visibility on the platform in the Sponsored/featured section.
  • Rewards and Cashbacks to be awarded in GOIN tokens.
  • Access to negotiated influencer prices if you HODL $GOIN tokens
  • Access to top content creators and designers for the campaigns.

Retail Investor Use cases:

  • Airdrop to top $GOIN token holders, of the project tokens who do influencer marketing with GOinfluencers.
  • Quarterly returns in premium project tokens of the projects who run influencer marketing campaigns via GOinfluencer to the users who HODL $GOIN tokens

Q. What are the listing plans for $GOIN?

We are planning to list $GOIN around mid December. We already have finalized Synapse Network as one of our launchpads, which we are very excited about. We will be announcing another launchpad in the coming days.

Q. How are the funds allocated in the project?

We have a hard cap of $980,000 which are further distributed as follows:

  • Pre-Seed: $180,000
  • Seed: $270,000
  • Strategic: $280,000
  • Public: $250,000

Q. Any message for our readers?

We are a diverse team of dedicated individuals who have set out on a mission to revolutionize the marketing space through GOinfluencer. Although we are automating the influencer marketing process, our long term vision is to be a mainstream marketing platform driven by Influencers. Our mission is to enable small and medium scale businesses to run an influencer marketing campaign without thinking about their budgets, and make it as easy as running a google/fb ad campaign. Stay tuned for more updates on our product. 

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