Exclusive Interview with Mr. Mateusz, the COO of Magic Craft

Q. Hello there, please introduce yourself to our readers?

This is Mateusz, the COO of Magic Craft, a gamer, a problem solver and an innovator at heart. I love exploring the unknown and impossible, which eventually got me to Magic Craft, where I am on a mission to expand the role a game can play in the lives of normal people like myself.

Q. What innovation is Magic Craft bringing to the Blockchain Gaming Industry?

MagicCraft intends to build a war universe, with complex tax, economy and clan systems, as one of the forthcoming MMORPG games in the blockchain gaming world.

Q. What sets Magic Craft GameFi apart from others?

We’re creating a Play-To-Earn game which is not only an avenue to make a profit, but also an exciting and immersive experience, unseen to a whole GameFi market so far. The GameFi landscape lacks an ancient warfare-themed play-2-earn platform, where users can immerse themselves in an engrossing, well-developed and story-driven metaverse.

Q. What are the ways a user can earn money through Magic Craft?

MCRT token will be one of the most precious things to possess. In-game rewards, in-game assets and NFTs are where the concept starts and goes onto endless possibilities like staking, scholarships and trading.

Q. When can we expect the alpha version of the game to be available?

There are 3 world-known studios already working on it and we’re expecting an MVP to be out very soon, as that MVP gets some testing done newer versions will keep on coming. The concept has taken off and has more than a 100 people working on it.

Q. How do you intend to revolutionize the blockchain gaming industry with Magic Craft?

We’re planning to build an ecosystem that goes wide and deep into the realm of Play-To-Earn. Additionally, we are developing an epic MMORPG that has been missing from the blockchain gaming industry, providing blockchain gamers with an exciting, immersive, and generational game that may last forever. Also, due to the incredible possibilities provided by blockchain, the tax system will create enough monetary complexity that the game will feel as deep and immersive as life itself.

Q. The “Hold & Earn” proved to be a huge success. What were the major reasons for your success?

Obviously all followers, friends and well-wishers of Magic Craft. They are not people looking for a one-night stand. They believe in the project and are aware of the team’s and affiliates’ strength. Who would let a chance of getting rewarded for holding MCRT go that easily?

Q.  Please share a few highlights of the “Hold & Earn” event which made the event truly path-breaking for Magic Craft.

The “Hold & Earn” event was a smashing success, attracting a large number of cryptocurrency and gaming enthusiasts. We received a tremendous amount of engagement, which resulted in an increase in the number of holders and followers in our booming MCRT community.

Q. How does James Crypto Guru, as an individual see himself growing along with Magic Craft?

James Crypto Guru, is a multi-talented industry veteran with 18 years of expertise in business and investing. James is semi-retired multi-millionaire with unrivalled crypto and stock market knowledge, analysis, and forecasting skills. However, this is a watershed moment for James since creating such a massive impact is both a responsibility and a challenge, and he is totally dedicated to doing so for the gaming community. He is a digital wizard, and his vision for MagicCraft is expansive. He is passionate about creating a new world of opportunity for Gen Next that can transform a lot of lives. James is leaving no stone unturned in his quest to revolutionise the entire gamefi space with MagicCraft, and it is just a matter of time before he succeeds. For James, growth occurs when the industry changes and expands! MagicCraft is just one of the many things he intends to do in the metaverse.

Q. How do you plan to dominate the Metaverse in 2022?

Once we accomplish our goals and bring our vision to life, it will not be us, but every Magic Crafter, who will dominate the metaverse. Recent market analysis estimates that the metaverse market opportunity could be around $800 billion by 2024. There’s something big coming for the Metaverse.

Q. Any message for our readers?

Follow the concept that will run the industry through their ideas, strategy and team. It is only those projects that will pay off eventually. Highs, lows, development, innovation and pleasure they are all part of the game of life, make sure you can HODL tight. Rarely in your life you get chances of getting attached to concepts that are shaping the future, when you get it, don’t let it go.

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