Exclusive Interview with Savix, Redefining passive income with the power of DeFi


Q. Please introduce yourself?

My name is Anatol. I have been in crypto since 2012. I have a Master in Mathematics and Physics. Since 2001 i am working in my own software company. Within Savix i am a solidity coder, mainly responsible for the development of our staking algorithm.

Q. What is Savix?

Savix is both a

1) DeFi staking product
2) a DeFi ecosystem using SVX tokens as collateral.

Firstly, Savix offers a unique staking mechanic embedded into the ERC20 protocol. Staking rewards go directly to a holders wallet free of gas / fees. Its is very easy to use, simply HOLD and EARN.

Secondly, SVX holders can use their token in third party smart contracts for lending, yield farming, or any other application in addition to earning rewards from the built in staking system.

The main objective of Savix is to let investors profit as much as possible from new opportunities created by decentralized finance with as less barriers as possible. We try to express the principle in our mission statement, saying that Savix means “Easy DeFi for Everyone”.

Q. What value does Savix provide to the De-Fi ecosystem?

The main benefit of Savix is that you earn staking rewards simultaneously and additionally to your DeFi investments. Using typical tokens for investments, you have to decide either to stake your tokens or to invest them in DeFi. With Savix you can do both at the same time.

Q. How is Savix better than a traditional savings account?

Did you ever look at the status of savings accounts recently, say within the last ten years? Interest rates went down to zero! Taking the inflation into account money on savings accounts is losing its value over time. There is no savings effect anymore. With Savix interest rates are guaranteed.

Q. What are your future plans for Savix? Or what is the vision behind the starting of this project?

As mentioned before we want to offer “Easy DeFi for everyone”. This is the mission behind Savix. Our future plan, after the Savix token has been established on the market, is to

integrate as many ERC20 compatible DeFi products as possible into our DeFi dashboard, to develop standard settings for those products and to make them available through investment templates to all Savix holders. Since the DeFi market is very dynamic and we can expect more different DeFi product to emerge, this task will be very exciting and will not come to an end anytime soon.

Q. How can someone create passive income with Savix?

  1.   Embedded staking
  2.   DeFi investments
  3.   Participating in the Savix Trinary program, which will share fees of the liquidity poolamong participating holders.

Q. What are the benefits of staking with Savix? What is the APY for a retail investor?

The APY for the first year will be 85% measured by the initial investment in SVX at the start of the staking mechanism. The later you join the staking, that is the later you acquire your SVX tokens, the less the APY will be, since staking interests will slowly be reduced over time.

Generally, Savix benefits its holders, because it is:

  • Multi-Beneficiary, enabling multiple simultaneous profit opportunities
  • Convenient, 100% passive with no need for user decisions or interactions
  • Flexible, being compatible with any Ethereum based DeFi project
  • Fair, adjusting balances “non-dilutively”, not preferring big holdings
  • Transparent, open-source, unambiguous and supply is not manipulable
  • Stable, not creating selling incentives after locking periods

Q. How are the raised funds allocated within the company?

Around 36% of all Ethereum we acquire with our presale will be put into Uniswap Liquidity, 7% into the Ecosystem Fund. The latter is a financial reserve we need for further developments of the ecosystem. Development here does not mean technological development, but market development. For instance, it can be a good idea to invest some money into cooperation with DeFi partners or influencers, or to use some funds to participate in more exchanges, decentralized or centralized.

30% will be used for further technical developments like Trinary and the Savix dashboard, 17% for marketing and another 10% will be kept as reserver for things we do not forsee now.

Of course these figures are not carved in stone. We will try to react to future needs if necessary.

Q. What is the status of the Savix IEO?

The IEO has just started this Monday and we count several hundred visitors at each of two exchanges’ launchpads coming from the Savix homepage. It is too early for us to give you more explicit figures at the moment. But we are confident that both IEOs will be successful.

Q. Any message or suggestion to our readers?

Have a look at our home page and watch our introductory video! If you have questions or advice you always welcome to join our community chat @savix_org at Telegram. We will try to support you as well as we can.

I really hope that we can create a community of Savix holders big enough to make a real difference in the way how DeFi is perceived and dealt with. We like DeFi to be an opportunity for all of us, not only for a subculture of technically knowledgeable people.

Learn more about Savix:

Official Website : https://savix.org/

Twitter : https://twitter.com/savix_org

Telegram : https://t.me/savix_org

Reddit : https://www.reddit.com/r/SavixOrg/

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