Exclusive Interview with Team Crystal Elephant Farm

crystal elephant farm

Crystal Elephant Farm (CEFA) is one of the most promising project this year and our editorial team had a chance to do an exclusive interview with Team Crystal Elephant Farm.

Q. Please introduce yourself?

A. Hi, I’m Dottie, co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer of the CETO Foundation, creators of CEFA. Please consider me to be the “face” of our anonymous team.

Q. What is Crystal Elephant Farm?

A. Crystal Elephant Farm (CEFA) is a deflationary DeFi token that covers ALL your DeFi needs in the long-term. It is a complement to our original Crystal Elephant Token (CETO).

Unlike some of these fly-by-night tokens with ridiculously high token supplies, CEFA’s modest 100 million total supply promises 20 years’ worth of monthly airdrops to holders, dividends to the CETO Blockchain Family of existing tokens, locked liquidity with burnt LP tokens (can’t rugpull if there are no rugs!), and robust yield farming for plenty of staking opportunities for your tokens.

With every transaction earning rewards, dividends to CETO, providing liquidity, and burning the token supply, CEFA is designed for scarcity and longevity.

Q. What is the role if CETO Blockchain in Crystal Elephant Farm?

A. As the creators of the three-token CETO Blockchain Family of CETO, ECETO, and BCETO, we wanted to add a DeFi token that would not only provide dividends for its holders, but also reward CBF token holders as well. About 0.75% of each transaction goes to dividends to the CBF tokenholders, evenly distributed between all three tokens.

Q. What previous experience does the Crystal Elephant Farm team has in Blockchain and crypto industry?

A. Besides being early adopters and makers in the crypto space, our previous work includes the three token contracts of CETO, ECETO, and BCETO that exist today. Please visit https://crystalelephant.net to learn more about and invest in them.

Q. Why should a DeFi investor opt for CEFA? What are the features that CEFA offers to a DeFi user?

A. CEFA is but one token with eight ways to profit:

  • REWARDS: Every buy, sell, or transfer, 6% gets shared with ALL tokenholders
  • DIVIDENDS: Every buy, sell, or transfer, ~1% gets shared with ALL tokenholders in the CETO Blockchain Family (CETO, BCETO, ECETO)
  • AIRDROPS: 100K CEFA shared among our holders, every 30 days for 20 years
  • FARMING: 1M CEFA every 90 days (4M total) in yield farming to give you a safe staking place to earn APY gains in BNB
  • BONDS: Upcoming investment instrument that shares locked 150K CEFA pool every 90 days for 20 years, distributed proportionally as CETO, BCETO, ECETO
  • FERTILIZER: A 1.2% burn on every transaction through reflection rewards creates a continuously reducing supply – and higher price
  • HOLDING: The more volume in CEFA, the higher the price for CEFA and B/E/CETO
  • PRODUCT: Use CEFA with all forthcoming BCETO games and products

Q. What are the ways one can earn passive income through CEFA?

A. Automatically compounded dividends (reflection rewards), monthly airdrops, farming, and our CETO Bonds investment instrument are all forthcoming features to reward the savvy investor.

Q. Why does CEFA charge a 10% transaction fee? How will this fund be used?

A. 6%: reflection rewards back to holders

– ~0.75%: rewards to CETO Blockchain Family holders

– ~1.2%: burned to Fertilizer Bag account

– ~4%: proportionally distributed and compounded into CEFA holders’ accounts

4%: automated liquidity on PancakeSwap

– 2%: BNB

– 2%: CEFA

– Creates CEFA-BNB Liquidity Pool (LP tokens FERTILIZED/burnt)

Please note that the 10% transaction fee has been turned off for the duration of the IFO sales process to give more value to the early investor.

Q. Please explain the token distribution of the project?

A. Sure. Here are our tokenomics:

Supply: 100,000,000

  • 24.4M: Monthly airdrops
  • 20M: Initial Farm Offering supply
  • 20M: Fertilizer Bag account
  • 12.5M: CETO Blockchain Family
  • 12.3M: 90-day bond funds (CETO Bonds)
  • 4M: Yield farming
  • 2M: Community Support/Marketing
  • 2M: Locked liquidity
  • 1.5M: Team
  • 1.3M: Development fund

Q. Is the code for CEFA audited? Is it safe to invest?

A. Yes and YES. Please review our audit at https://cefa.crystalelephant.net/audit

Q. Is the project running on-time by the roadmap? What is the next big step for CEFA?

A. At time of writing, we are chugging right along in Stage 3 of our IFO Sale process. The next stage of our sale – our first on a DEX token launchpad – will be on Dodo starting August 22 at 12PM GMT.

Q. Any message for our readers?

A. There’s still great opportunities to get involved with the DeFi token that does it all! Please visit our IFO sales page at https://cefa.crystalelephant.net/sale to learn more and participate! Thanks for your time, interest, and support. See you all on the moonfarm!

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