Exclusive Interview with Team Dreams Quest

Dreams Quest Interview

At Scoopnix, we keep looking for good projects with the potential of becoming the market leader within a year time. Dreams Quest is actually one of those projects which can explode in late 2021 or in the early 2022. This is because of their robust tokenomics, Play-2-earn, & NFT capabilities. Take a deep dive into this project’s ecosystem with this interview. Best way to learn about the project is by the team itself. Here we go!

1. Please introduce yourself?

I have been working in crypto and blockchain since 2016. Over the past six years, I have had the opportunity to work with over 75 blockchain projects (including a few notable ones) contributing with marketing strategy, tokenomics, and user acquisition. I have also done a variety of other things from public speaking at a variety of events to writing a best-selling book for crypto beginners called Be Left Behind.

2. What is Dreams Quest? Please explain in brief.

Dreams Quest is an upcoming decentralized Play-to-Earn RPG game using dynamic NFTs. Players can explore the realms to participate in events and quests. Battle play is player vs player and uses the NFT collectible cards and items for a fast-paced strategy card game.

  • Play to Earn

Dreams Quest integrates several factors such as quest-based earnings, renting NFT cards, a marketplace, and more for players to earn by participating in the game. 

  • Dynamic NFTs

The dynamic NFTs (game cards) will be impacted by unknown factors such as weather, temperature, storms, and more, that will completely alter card attributes. The changes to card attributes will be permanently recorded and stored on-chain.

  • Gamification

Creating a game environment and game mechanics that gives players several ways to gamify how their cards can be seen as valuable. 

3. What was the motivation behind starting of Dreams Quest?

I held an interest in NFTs, even before I started working in blockchain. I first heard about “colored coins”, a concept that was first proposed in the Bitcoin network to tie crypto to real-world assets which pre-dates the NFTs today. I have closely followed projects like Crypto Kitties and was an early investor in Enjin. However, I realised that the combination of NFTs with finance (or Decentralised Finance) was an area that had a lot of potential to further develop. Realizing this, I became inspired in mid-2020 to develop a play-to-earn game using NFTs.

At Dreams Quest, our mission is to build a play-to-earn game so that users can have a nice gaming experience while also earning money. For too long we have seen many games that are pay-to-play. With that, there is always a wall where if a player does not pay, the game just slows down and the player cannot progress. With Dreams Quest’s free-to-play gaming experience, we want people to feel like the work and time they spend playing has benefits and rewards too.

4. Does the team have previous experience in this industry?

The other two other co-founders have been in crypto for a long time. Leslie brings more than six years of experience to Dreams Quest. Over the years, he has played several roles for different crypto projects in the industry from an advisor and mentor to NFTs solution provider and public speaker.  He also prides himself in serving as the founder of DeFi Singapore, Singapore’s first DeFi trading educational community. 

Our CMO and Creative Director, Paulii, was the head of marketing for Holo and Holochain for 2 years. She has a wealth of experience working for one of the top crypto projects where her responsibilities included strategy and planning, campaign management, social media, user growth, and more.

We also have a Chainlink OG who has a background in monetary policy and has been working on the dynamic NFTs aspect of Dreams Quest. Our lead game designer John and lead creative game designer Chris G are both experienced in-game mechanics and understand the methods of building a game. We have a number of designers on our team who are artists and each has their own skills and experiences

5. What are the Guardian NFT cards?

In Dreams Quest, the Guardians are unique and powerful game cards that amplify the gameplay for card holders. They are powerful upgrades to player characters that invoke powers which can be leveraged to enhance gaming experience. 

Bonding to a Guild will enable all members to share Guardian aura

*UNSTAKED* A Guardian can amplify the experience of playing the game by joining a guild. Guardians AURA earns increased HP, increased movement and increased experience gain

*STAKED* By staking, the player earns yield in the form of $DREAMS, the native token of Dreams Quest. In addition, Guardians and guild gain increased quest reward resources plus rare item find, magic find and increased essence

6. What is the marketplace about?

Players can forge new items or upgrade items and sell them on marketplaces.  For those players who wish to earn through marketplace activities, they can create their own shops and become a shopkeeper. A player for example can become a blacksmith to forge, buy, sell and upgrade items from players. They can create their own shop to make items more valuable or to buy them cheaper and sell for a higher price.

So to take the dreamsverse to a whole new level, players can transcend from the physical world to the digital one to run their shops. We’ve taken this a step further to enable buyers and sellers to engage in ways that haven’t been done before.

7. What are some main partnerships secured by Dreams Quest recently?

Our partnerships, or as we call it our alliances in the Dreams Quest tavern, include Sandbox, Chainlink, Polygon, Polka Foundry, Khyber Network, and TAG Ventures. 

Our investors in Dreams Quest are U21, M6, Polygon, SL2 Capital, Plutus.vc, Polka China , DuckDao, Seer Labs, Moonboots Capital, Apex Twin Capital, Extra Watts, Black Dragon, amongst other notable platforms. 

8. Is the project running according to the roadmap?

Yes. So we have already created our marketplace which will be live soon. We have built and prototyped a variety of dynamic NFT functions to see what works. 

As per our roadmap, we have launched the first game card packs on the Binance NFT marketplace that completely sold-off within 30 seconds. We are also on track to launch the $DREAMS token sale with our IDO on Duckstarter on 14th October and on GameFi and Redkite on 15th October.

On the game development side, we have started to map and design on-paper and we are currently working on the aspects of balancing the gameplay. We have already release a cinematic teaser of Dreams Quest and are currently in-process to building the lore details. 

9. Please explain the Tokenomics of the project?

$DREAMS is the native token of the Dreams Quest ecosystem. The circular token economy of $DREAMS offers different ways for players to earn, spend, grow, or withdraw. The token rewards players for their participation within the game laying our foundation to develop a play-to-earn model. 

In addition, the $DREAMS token also serves several other use-cases in the ecosystem including entering into tournaments, renting a card to a fellow player, or buying in-game items from marketplaces. For a better perspective, think of the $DREAMS token as ‘Gold’ or ‘Crystal’ that you earn in traditional games. However, the difference here is that players can spend the tokens they earned in the game or use them to access the Dreams Quest ecosystem or withdraw them for personal usage in the ‘Mortal World’. 

The total supply of $DREAMS tokens is 4,000,000,000 (4 billion). The vesting schedules are designed to promote long-term growth. 

10. What is the status of Dreams Quest token sale? What is the schedule?

So, the Dreams Quest IDO on the Duck Starter is scheduled for the 14th October, 2021.

The Dreams Quest IDO and IGO will be held on RedKite and GameFi platforms respectively on the 15th October, 2021.

11. Why should anyone invest in Dreams Quest?

We can’t legally talk about investing. However, we are building a really exciting game, and we have a lot planned. The most important thing for everyone to know is that we are building both an amazing community, creating a game to create financial freedom for millions of people, and the gaming experience will be amazing. 

12. Any message for our readers?

We welcome anyone who has creative skills in 2D, 3D and games development like in Unity as well as others who have great skills and think they can help us.

Community is our number 1 priority, so naturally we want to hear from you too. Our project success really comes down to making sure we build what our community wants.

To learn more about Dreams Quest visit Dreams.quest

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