Exclusive Interview With Team Gym Network

Q. Please introduce yourself?

We are a team of DeFi enthusiasts with the goal to provide easy access to the DeFi space for the average user, allowing them to participate in it and benefit from the various opportunities.

Q. What is Gym Network?

GYM NETWORK is an ecosystem where people can connect to and access a variety of DeFi earning opportunities from within one system. Furthermore it has an integrated affiliate system that allows people to earn a profit sharing commission by sharing the opportunity with others.

Q. What are the key important factors that make Gym Network different from other DeFi projects?

  • Easy access
  • Simple to use
  • Beginner friendly
  • Various earning opportunities combined in one platform
  • Integrated affiliate system

Q. How much returns can an investor expect from Gym Network?

It depends on the number of participants and the $ value of the GYMNET token. An average estimation might range from 50-250% APY

Q. How is this going to work? How are the returns generated?

The returns are being generated a) by connecting to existing platforms such as Alpaca Finance and making use of their products (i.e. their Lending Pool) and b) by issuing our own GYMNET tokan as a reward. The value of the GYMNET token is maintained by adding more use cases and incentives to hold rather than sell them.

Q. Where and how to invest in the project?

Since we are working with an affiliate system, you would first need an affiliate link. You can then go to our website via the affiliate link, connect your wallet, and deposit BNB in the Vault and/or the Farming to start earning rewards.

Q. Any message for our readers?

If you’ve been looking for a simple solution to put your BNB to work and earn in interest rate on them rather than just holding them in your wallet, you found the right place. With GYM NETWORK’s integrated affiliate system you now also have the chance to invite others as well and earn additional rewards via profit sharing on top of what you get from your own investment.

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