Exclusive Interview with Team Space Falcon

Our Editorial team arranged an interview with one of the most aspiring projects in 2022, Space Falcon. We had the chance to ask questions directly to the core team members and in return we got pretty useful information regarding the project. Take a deep dive down the interview below to know more about Space Falcon

Q. What is Space Falcon?

SpaceFalcon is a next-gen Intergalactic metaverse featuring the classic space shooter game and premium Sci-Fi NFTs from cosmos and beyond. Built on Solana Ecosystem for fast and low-cost transactions to ensure a lightning-fast experience for your space adventures.

Q. What is there in the Space Falcon Metaverse?

The three exceptional features of our Space Falcon metaverse are:

  • Falcon Mission, the classic space shooter game, through which Falconians enter the ecosystem.
  • Falcon Galaxies, signifying galaxy NFT ownerships. Owning galaxies allows players to participate in our revenue sharing model and tax all visitors to their galaxies.
  • Falcon MetaGround, our very own micro-economy for trading mission-critical assets. Spaceship upgrades and new weapons can be traded from the inventory here.

Q. Why did you choose Solana blockchain for the project?

Compared to its other competitors, Solana is way faster, cheaper, and more attractive to developers and institutions for building dApps and other DeFi applications. But these are not the only reasons why Solana is so special.

Besides blockchain and crypto, the Solana ecosystem allows developers to create mobile apps and games like the Space Falcon space shooter game. In addition, the Composable Building Blocks feature makes for more accessible interactions between the apps and the Solana blockchain.

Furthermore, the Solana blockchain integrates the C and C+ and Rust programming languages, with plans to incorporate more. That makes for more seamless transactions and takes care of issues relating to thread concurrency.

Its Proof of History (PoH) approach to consensus protocols makes it more convenient for developers to create without waiting for communication to other nodes or validations to determine transaction times.

This technology gives Solana an edge over most of its competitors because it ensures the smooth and seamless running of the blockchain without network activity, making users aware of network traffic fluctuations. A feature that is rare among its competitors.

Q. Space Falcon is a GameFi project. What is GameFi and how do NFTs fit into this ecosystem?

GameFi is a term that describes the merger between blockchain-based gaming and decentralized finance. Although blockchain games have been around for quite a while, GameFi is a relatively new area and has yet to reach its peak. GameFi bridges the gap between all the various players in the Web 3.0 ecosystem — gamers, investors, and traders — and provides a space where each of these individuals can participate.

Blockchain games have incorporated NFTs into their gameplay, creating a full-fledged ecosystem where players can own game assets and trade them. For instance, a player’s in-game avatar, costumes, or other game accessories could be NFTs. Most games have a digital marketplace where gamers can buy and sell these unique items, creating an opportunity to earn. This model has been widely referred to as the play-to-earn (P2E) system.

Q. What are the ways a user can earn money through Space Falcon?

There are several ways to make a profit in Space Falcon. First of all, you can accumulate your score by playing the game (Falcon Missions) and being rewarded based on the leaderboard

On the other hand, an interesting way to make a profit is by NFTs which is a collection of Spaceships, Weapons, Planets, Moons, etc which are part of Space Falcon and gradually gains value.

Q. What are some of the key partnerships that Space Falcon has secured recently?

Space Falcon is thrilled to officially announce a strategic partnership with AV Star Capital,  ZBS Capital, Peech Capital, and Cyclos.

Q. Do you have any gaming prototype ready?

Yes! You can earn exciting rewards weekly just by playing our stellar minigame here and boast about it in your gamers’ circle.

Q. Please briefly explain the tokenomics of the project?

  • Token sale 15%
  • Team 16%
  • Liquidity 5%
  • Community & Partnership 19%
  • Airdrop 2%
  • Advisors 7%
  • Rewards & Yield Framing 36%

Q. What is the significance of the FCON token in the Space Falcon ecosystem?

FCON is the native token for Space Falcon, specifically developed for unlocking access to in-game features. FCON can be staked by players to earn FGOLD.

FGOLD serves as the in-game currency used to purchase NFT assets and unlock features and perform gaming actions. The MetaGround allows players to trade their FGOLD for assets, therefore bringing an economic side to the overall gameplay.

Just like other tokens, the value of FCON is directly tied to the growth of the Space Falcon metaverse, and this is why FCON’s utility in the Space Falcon metaverse is vast. 

FCON will be awarded to top players in the leaderboard and will also be awarded to players on the basis of their game time. FCON can also be earned through in-game asset ownership, such as virtual lands which other players can pay taxes to access.

Q. What are your plans for Space Falcon IDO?

IDO set to hold by the end of November. In Q1 of 2022

To know more about Space Falcon visit Spacefalcon.io

Twitter : https://twitter.com/SpaceFalconIO
Telegram : https://t.me/spacefalconIO
Medium : https://spacefalconio.medium.com/
Discord : https://discord.gg/q5pupzKTaX
Announcements : https://t.me/spacefalconofficial

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