Exclusive Interview with the Team IPay Token

Q.Hello there, please introduce yourself to our readers?

iPay is aiming to be a leading turnkey solution for providing an easy accessible cryptopayments for creators and creator platforms. We want to build up the tools and the coin that will facilitate an easy transition to the crypto revolution. We believe a coin dedicated to this fast growing industry and serving both adult as well as general field of creators will put us in a unique position to cover the broader field of creators and influencers who make all the content we love on the internet. We already have two mult-million dollar platforms iFans.com and Famelink.com as our starting points and we will use these to build up our use case and utilities. 

Q. What is IPay? How does it work?

We have described a little what iPay is, but how it will work is quite straightforward. You will visit a website, for instance iFans. You find content from the creator you like, you want to access a video, a meeting with them, images, whatever content, and when you go to pay, you will have options, to pay Fiat or iPay. In some cases, exclusive content that you can only purchase with iPay. Now, imagine that you are a website which hosts content of creators. You want an easy solution for adopting crypto payments. We want to build those turnkey solutions and offer one coin, which serves the entire industry of creators.

Q. What is IPay’s Vision for the content creators?

We see the migration from web 2.0 to web 3.0 as the great movement from creators, creating content for big social media platforms and then getting a piece of the pie to a radical shift, where creators now can find the tools for monetizing their creations, directly interacting with their fans. iPay will be one of those tools and we hope through building out other elements like our NFT marketplace, as well as building tools for migration to the metaverse, we can assist this immense community of producers who really animate the internet to no longer require those big companies to sustain themselves economically.

Q. What are some of the major problems that IPay is solving?

Most platforms for creators accept Fiat via credit cards. Credit cards have a host of problems. For those who use it as a method of payment on a website, the must share their personal information. They are thus subject to data collection, exposing their personal information and offering no viable way to make an anonymous transaction maintaining their privacy. For creators and platforms, accepting credit card payments means high fees, you are subject to spending limits, to potential chargebacks and also their shifting policies. These latter issues are significant as it pertains to adult creator platforms. Cryptopayments can alleviate all these problems, but implementing and accepting them is no straightforward matter. iPay wants to be the go-to coin for easy integration. We also think we have a great name and by making ourselves dedicated to the creator industries, we can with time become a deflationary currency that really is able to store all the value that creators generate which today gets diffused in Fiat or even in generic crypto currencies.

Q. How will creators be able to use IPay as an investment vehicle for themselves? Please explain briefly.

Well, that’s just it. Imagine a creator who accepts fiat. Then imagine a creator who accepts bitcoin. Then imagine a creator who accepts iPay. In the first two cases, the means of transaction is diffused in hundreds of thousands of industries from food to arms to drugs to services and who knows what. So that value that is given to their creations gets diffused. But if we can create a coin which is unique to the creator industry then all of us, who begin to use this currency and accept it, begin to build up and store the value we are generating. Our coin is very low in price as we start, so our early adopters will be visionaries. By the time we near a valuation like Bitcoin, we will have had thousands of creators who have adopted us, invested in us, and used their influence to get others to adopt us. And when we reach that stage, we will have also built up the tools to facilitate ever wider scales of adoption. Marx had an idea of workers owning their means of production. But imagine iPay’s to be creators owning their means of transaction.

Q. What steps does IPay take to keep its user’s data safe and secure?

Crypto by default is based on anonymity, all our tools and the coin itself is based on blockchain technology and nothing is central stored or any data collected on users.

Q. We checked out your suggested road map for ABI. Is the project going on track?

We will launch already with iPay being integrated on the iFans platform. This is great because most new crypto projects don’t launch with their utilities or use cases already off and running. But of course, we have so much more we want to do to smoothen and perfect adoption and ease of use and migration to crypto. Having a large platform with many creators will of course allow us immediately to see the hurdles, what each platform or creator who partners with us will eventually need, and so foresee and fine tune our solutions for them.

Q. What is unique about IPay which makes it stand out?

Our name, our vision, our experience. Our team has built up some major projects in the Web 1.0, Web 2.0 and now we are aiming to really build up something really unprecedented. 

Q. Can you tell us about some of the key partnerships which helped IPay excel this much?

Well, we can give you a glimpse of what we are working on. We are working on partnerships with other large fan sites currently in the adult industry. We are working on also brick and mortar businesses that want to build up virtual presence and allow performers to stream their content, uniquely, pay per view for instance. And these platforms and businesses are looking to also take advantage of some of the aforementioned possibilities with cryptopayments. iPay, as it also grows in value will allow us to build up our technologies as well as open us up to buying more virtual real estate, traffic and strategic partnerships with likeminded companies. Lastly, we have friends who have been building up the technologies that will fuel the metaverse. We are already in talks to help us, help our creators transition their offerings for the metaverse and to make such offerings accessible through iPay.

Q. Please briefly explain the tokenomics of the project?

Our long term goal is to eliminate any taxes. But any coin has to begin with funding its utility and building up its use case. 3% will go toward marketing, which includes influencers and creators who will come on board. 3% will go to development. 3% will be a unique buy back. As opposed to auto-liquidity, unique buyback allows us to buy the coin, pair into liquidity at determined times. There is a dedicated wallet that all holders can look at to follow when those occur. There will be 1% will be a deflationary burn, which does not send to a burn address but actually takes the coin out of circulation, raising the value of everyone’s remaining coins. And lastly, 1% will be community determined. We wanted our holders to each month, propose a use, including charities or non-profits serving the needs of our creators. It can also be unique ideas for marketing. This will be set to a vote on our social network groups. We hope to be able to give this flexibility to also utilize community intelligence in the future success of the coin.

Q. Can you give us a glimpse of IPay Token’s future plans? 

We could probably simplify it into three words. Expand. Develop. Facilitate. We want to expand the base of creators and platform which will accept iPay as their main cryptopayment solution. We want to develop the tools and applications utilizing all the amazing possibiltes offered by blockchain technologies and Web 3.0 that will help creators and platforms monetize their contents. And lastly, to be one of the main agents in facilitating the great migration to crypto, benefitting from the immense opportunities offered by NFT’s and soon thereafter the ever growing possibilities that will open onto the metaverse.

Q. Any message for our readers?

We really think we have something special and we hope that you will come onboard, invest in our vision and we will revolutionize the entire creator industry.

To learn more about iPay Token visit www.ipaytoken.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/iPay_Token

Telegram: https://t.me/+8YdIdySAHnlmMjFh

Discord: https://discord.gg/b5hyzjAVH7

Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/iPayToken/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ipaytoken/

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