FileMax: The Advantages and Ambitions of Decentralized Storage in the Era of Metaverse

Filecoin, the leading project in the decentralized storage segment, has waned in fervor, but the industry’s call for storage has never waned, especially with the rise of the metaverse industry, which has increasingly stoked users’ awareness of the importance of decentralized storage.

FileMax grasps the industry trend and announces in a high profile that it will be fully “All in Metaverse” in 2022 and issue the pass-through certificate FIM based on the BSC.

The year 2021 was called the metaverse year, Mana, Sandbox, Opensea were on fire, giants in the Internet field such as Facebook, Goolge, Baidu were running in, tech maniac Elon Musk satirized Web3 hype, Twitter founders and investment institutions set off a scolding war of Web3 debate. The events surrounding Web3 and the metaverse are endless, and these events show exactly one thing: the industry is changing, and Web3 and metaverse are emerging.

Although the concept of Web3 is broad, it is clear that the metaverse is one of the largest applications of Web3. The basis of the development of metaverse must not leave the support of storage, taking NFT, an important component of metaverse as an example, most of the current NFT displays are stored in the form of pictures on the Amazon cloud server. In other words, the current metaverse is not a complete new species of Web3, but an improved product of Web2.

This view is not to deny the progress of the metaverse, the development of any emerging thing is necessarily a gradual process. To complete the transition to Web3, metaverse products still need to rely on storage, cross-chain, hardware and many other infrastructural supports.

As the emerging representative of decentralized storage, FileMax will provide strong support for the storage link of Web3.

In the era of Web3, FileMax will provide a secure and efficient solution. Through the unique distributed mechanism to ensure the permanent storage of data, its token allocation mechanism allows miners to store data, expand and activate the developer ecosystem to solve the cost of storage.

Although Web2’s centralized storage also makes data backups in regions to prevent accidents in the data room, the number of such backups is also limited. The globally distributed storage of FileMax, on the other hand, has no upper limit of nodes in theory, and the data exists in the form of slices, and the destruction of any node or multiple nodes will not change the objectivity of the data. Through this decentralized architecture, the data sovereignty of users is ensured and permanent storage of data is realized.

In most people’s dull impression, storage projects have single storage function, which may be so in the era of storage 1.0. But in the 2.0 era of storage, such projects no longer have limitations, but carry out a blossoming ecological construction road in the form of smart contract public chain, and FileMax is an outstanding representative of such projects.

The smart contract of FileMax is improved by combining the foundation of Ethereum and its Layer 2 protocol. As the originator of smart contract, Ethereum has strong stability and security, and the integration of Layer2 solution makes FileMax more bright and outstanding.

With the important foundation of Ethereum, FileMax easily builds a set of open metaverse GameFi distribution components on the smart contract architecture, and this implementation is similar to the parallel chain components of Polkadot, so developers only need to delete or add basic functions appropriately according to their own project needs, and they can easily build a metaverse property game or GameFi for P2E. The digital assets of such games will all be placed inside the storage layer of FileMax, so that they can be called at any time and saved permanently.

Relying on the natural conditions of storage, the strong foundation of smart contracts, and the flexible application of metaverse development components, FileMax has enough strength to claim that it will fully enter the metaverse field in 2022 and realize the glorious situation of rapid bending and overtaking.

If 2021 was the metaverse year, then 2022 must be the year of the metaverse explosion. The success of Web3 depends on the metaverse, while the development of metaverse depends on FileMax.

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