How You Can Profit In Bearish Markets Using Trading Bots Like GTAI

It is always hard to see when the market is bleeding, and it can easily turn even a wild-eyed optimistic into a hardcore pessimist. However, you do not have to be negative when the market is red, and there are ways to make a profit even in the bearish market. What you need for that is crypto trading bots and our guide that will help you to understand the crucial details about using them.

The benefits of automated trading

Before we move up to the trick and tips, it is important to highlight the overall benefits of using crypto bots in your trading routine.

First and foremost, trading via crypto bots allows one to approach trading with a clear head. When you see that the chart goes south, you unintentionally become emotional, and there is nothing wrong about it in everyday life. However, when trading emotionally, you always lose, since all your carefully selected strategies and game plans can be thrown out the window, and you start acting impulsively. Crypto bots, on the other hand, do not have emotions and always keep following the algorithm that was embedded earlier into it.

Secondly, it is a matter of time management. It is not always possible to be chained to your laptop or smartphone 24/7, since you have a life to live out there! You might be distracted by something and miss the right moment to buy or sell. Automated crypto trading bots can monitor the market day and night, allowing you to focus on your time with friends and family.

Thirdly, automated crypto bots can make trading easier and lower the entry barrier. Trading in the crypto market that is known for its high volatility can be exhausting and it requires you to do a lot of rigorous research about the latest trends, current market conditions, and upcoming events so that you could gain more and lose less. But even fulfilling all these requirements does not guarantee you imminent success.

Even though using crypto trading bots also cannot provide a 100% chance of success, it surely can lower the barrier for traders with little experience or for those who want to minimize the risks and save the time spent on studying the market.

How can crypto bots help you in the bearish market?

Those traders who do not have much experience in crypto trading usually see bearish markets as a sign to stay away from crypto until the dust settles. However, it is possible to make potential gains during both bullish and bearish cycles, but you need to know the peculiarities first, such as which strategies you should choose when using crypto trading bots.

Buying when the market is bearish can actually pay you off later when the cycle reverses and charts are colored green again. Certainly, no one knows if that particular dip is the last one or if the price continues to drop further. In that case, you should build positions over time, by continuing to add more new positions as prices fall instead of going all-in just once. When doing that, you can take advantage every time the price hits a new lower level.


Another common strategy that can help you when the bear cycle starts roaring is short selling. This game plan stands for selling cryptocurrencies at a high price and buying them back when the price hits a new low.

So we got the strategies covered, but what about the bots themselves? How can they help you?

Galaxy Trading Artificial Intelligence(GTAI): AI System To Profit In Bear Market

GTAI is a world-class AI trading plus arbitrage system designed to help crypto traders maximize trading profits while minimizing risks and losses. Galaxy Trading Analytics (GTA), the leading regulated Fintech company founded in 2022 by a team of AI and Deep Learning experts that created the Bot. They have constructed a clear and transparent system that conducts trading transactions according to the parameters set and have connected investment tools and financial protection algorithms to it. There are currently 4 proprietary trading and arbitrage strategies implemented, with more trading strategies that are currently being developed and will be added to GTAI once more stringent tests are being done.

Traders can choose between two Packages, A or B in their user-friendly App, where in Package A, the only thing traders need to do is set perimeters of the AI Bot and let the Bot do its work, while traders control 100% of their funds in their crypto exchange accounts. GTA claims that traders’ monthly estimated gains could be between 2% to 8% depending on crypto market conditions.

Traders can also go for Package B, where traders will get access to a dedicated team to monitor their trading on their behalf, deploying the right strategies according to the market movement. There will also be active risk management in place, 24 hours a day. Package B also grants access to higher leverage using liquidity pools, which means higher and more consistent profits by more powerful AI bot, going between 3% to 36% monthly gains. Both options can be selected at the same time, they are suitable for beginners, advanced or expert traders, and participation start from as low as $100.


Trading bots can be extremely helpful in your trading routine. In any case, without knowing the essentials, this tool won’t be much of assistance in your crypto journey.

Crypto trading bot can be an effective tool in terms of saving time and nerves. Allowing the robot to keep an eye on the market can ensure that you don’t miss out on the ideal trade bargain. Besides, let’s be honest, crypto bots can trade hundreds of times faster than any professional trader, providing you the advantage you need to make the most of this market.

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