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Hug Coin will lead the protocol economy by Payment protocol 2.0

As the era of the 4th industrial revolution begins, we are providing platform services to the public by adopting a platform strategy in all industries such as finance, distribution, and payment industries.

A characteristic of the platform strategy is that the more participants in the platform ecosystem, the more diverse services can be provided. As platform services are provided in all industries, the number of participants in the platform ecosystem has naturally increased, and the public can enjoy a convenient life.

In order for the platform ecosystem to work ideally, a virtuous cycle structure that can increase value is required, but recently, some platforms violate this and take unfair profits from consumers.

Due to the fact that the monopoly structure of platform companies can harm ecosystem participants, a protocol economy with a decentralized structure has attracted attention. However, the public, who are accustomed to platform services, are reluctant to commercialize the protocol economy.

Hug Coin developed Payment Protocol 2.0, which can fuse a decentralized structure with the existing platform economy. Although Payment Protocol 2.0 has a decentralized structure, it can provide platform services and commercialize the protocol economy.

Hug Coin is steadily entering into various partnerships and expanding the payment ecosystem. Based on this, Hug Coin will lead the protocol economy.

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