Ieo service (ieos) – The new IEO game changer (Private sale started!)


IEOS is a new project that was created for IEO services. We decided to make some great help with IEO but there are many different problems & factors for the ICO to be IEO, such as lack of funding & not finding the right currency to implement IEO. We decided to support IEO and that’s how IEOS was created.

You can now list Your Ico And Ieo For 0 $ Upfront On Exchange.
This is the best listing help in the world.Real help and real token. ((A good idea doesn’t die))

Token details:

Token Name: IEOS
Token Type: ERC20 – Ethereum
Total Supply: 1,000,000 IEOS
Contract address:

The details of the private Sale are as follows:

Start Private Sale: 15/10/2019
Start 1 Session Ieo: 15/11/2019
Start 2 Session Ieo: 01/12/2019
Price: $1
Targeted price: $10

Know more about our project:

Website —
Whitepaper —
Telegram channel —
Telegram —
Twitter —
Instagram —
Reddit —
Bitcointalk —
State Of The Dapps —
Ico holder —

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