Interview with Remy Eisenstein, CEO SafePost


There are a lot of questions which the whitepaper simply cannot answer. What’s better than asking the CEO itself ? SafePost is one of the most promising project in 2020. We got a chance to interview Mr. Remy Eisenstein, CEO, SafePost. We tried to gather every bit of information about SafePost. Give it a look.

Q1. Your project SAFEPOST, what is it about, can you give us a brief?

SafePost is an innovative and secure solution alternative to traditional emails and document storage.

SafePost eradicates SPAM and fraudulent emails and shelters us from hackers who ransom people and companies, disrupt our work, invade our privacy and threaten our assets.

Q2. What motivated you to initiate this project?

The secure email market is worth more than $ 200 billion a year for poor results.

Despite anti-SPAM, anti-virus and anti-PHISHING filters, we continue to receive unsolicited and fraudulent emails, while many desired messages are mistakenly classified as “SPAM” or “JUNK EMAILS”.

SPAM is not just an annoying experience that makes us miss opportunities or disrupts our work.

Phishing emails target our identity, our secrets and our money. They take control of our computer, explore the content of our hard disk and send spam messages to other victims.

The FBI has documented 166,349 domestic and international complaints of fraudulent email victims between June 2016 and July 2019, representing a total loss of more than $ 26.2 billion.

A study published in November 2019 by the company BARRACUDA revealed that,

    • 47% of attacks are from a Gmail account,
    • A phishing email out of 10 manages to convince its recipient to click on the link that is proposed to him. This percentage triples when the email usurps the identity of the head of Human Resources or the IT department,
    • In the last 12 months, the average amount lost as a result of a spear-phishing attack was $ 270,000,
    • A recent email scam did cost $ 29 million to a media conglomerate.

Last but not least: a third party can access the contents of messages stored on traditional email servers.

Instead of developing one more inefficient patch, we decided to create a new technology “SafePost” that sets us free from old traditional email technology.

SafePost innovates in

  • Offering a patented energy-efficient system allowing encryption of messages and documents exchanged without requiring the use of a trusted third party,
  • Setting us free from old traditional email technology, so
    • no more entry points for hackers,
    • no more SPAM
    • no more fraudulent emails,
  • Ensuring the origin of messages received, so no doubt about the origin of the message,
  • Not storing any confidential data readable by a third party thanks to our patented technology.

Q3. What is your vision and the goal you want to ultimately achieve with SAFEPOST?

We want to provide people with a space of freedom free of SPAM and fraudulent emails.

SafePost users are sure nobody can spy messages and documents they exchange.

With SafePost, no statistics and no add as well.

Q4. What is the history behind the starting of this project, what difficulties did you face ?

My history is the history of everybody. I used to receive a lot of SPAM and I missed lots of opportunities in my business because my email box was full of junk messages. I had also to fight with emails my interlocutors never received because my email address was blacklisted. Last and not least, my assistant Valerie Vullo was victim of a ransomware she loaded from a mail…

I asked my IT manager, Philippe Marsigny, to find a solution but he didn’t find anything reliable and efficient.

Faced with this lack of efficient and reliable solution to solve my problem, I decided with my team to develop SafePost. It was 5 years ago.

We had a lot of problems to solve, such as have a decentralized database, encrypt data without requiring the use of a trusted third party, not storing any confidential data on SafePost servers.

We had also to think “green” by optimizing computer process for data encryption and storage.

And we had to patent the process we developed for SafePost.

It took time, but we did it and SafePost is available at since October 15th, 2019. 30,000 people use the service.

Q5. How do you plan to expand in near future?

We are making an IEO through the P2PB2B launchpad in order to accelerate the development of SafePost.

First of all, this IEO and the communication around help us to make SafePost instantly more popular: keep in mind we are 3.5 billion people faced with SPAM, fraudulent emails and privacy problems.

Second, the IEO is the opportunity for us to raise money to go faster with the development of new features for SafePost such as KYC process for increased security, program software for macOS and Windows, ISO certifications.

Third, money raised helps us to increase the communication of SafePost. For instance, we will present to the “Consensus” conference and expo that will take place in New York on May 11-13th. We will introduce SafePost during this event with e.g. a 30-minute show.

Q6. What are your thoughts on 2020, bullish or bearish ?

I cannot tell you for bitcoin, but I am 1,000% bullish for the STAMP token.

I mean, the more SafePost users we will have, the higher will be the price of the STAMP because it’ll get rare.

Imagine there are 10,000,000 users there would be an average of 10,000 STAMP/user.

In other words, STAMP could go from €0.001 (the minimum guaranteed price by SafePost to use its services) easily to at least €0.005 within one year.

Q7. What is the meaning of decentralisation according to you ?

In addition to the classic definition, decentralization means we save storage and computer process. In other words, we save energy. That’s a good thing for the Earth.

It what we did with SafePost

Imagine I send you an email. This message will be stored twice on your email server, and mine. Messages are recorded just one time with SafePost and you have the insurance they will be readable only by you and me.

Hope now you have clarity about SafePost. We strongly believe SafePost is making the world a better place with the use of tech.

Learn more about safepost at :

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