Introducing the KCT Security Token Sale on P2PB2B and Latoken Launchpad is the leading online gaming platform that enables players to use their cryptocurrencies for an unrivaled variety of casino games, slots, and sports betting. is proud to present the unique KCT security token.

About KCT security token

The next step is the rapid global expansion and the implementation of the technological advantages, which allow to get ahead of the competition. So, decided to issue KCT security tokens, the first-ever security tokens issued in the online gaming industry. 

A KCT token, an ERC20-based security token, is a digital asset purpose-built for the platform. KCT security tokens are a payment method, a means for investors to receive dividend payouts, and a way to exercise voting rights.

KCT security token allows KingCasino’s team to:

  • Solve the challenges of the online gaming industry
  • Invite the crowd to participate in the industry and profit from the enormous growth potential by owning shares of the company
  • Raise the necessary capital through crowd sale for platform expansion and technological improvement
  • Increase the brand awareness and customer base of through marketing campaigns during ICO and IEO

Owners of KCT security tokens can use them as a digital currency to play at or trade on major exchanges. Owners also have the option to hold tokens to keep the shares, voting rights and to benefit from the rising prices and quarterly dividends.

An investor who chooses to hold the KCT security token becomes a shareholder and receives a quarterly dividend based on the number of tokens they hold. Plus, shareholders receive all common shareholders’ main rights, like voting on major issues and ownership of a portion of the company.

The upcoming token offering is the only time that KCT security tokens are created. KCT security tokens are the basis for the redistribution of profits gained on the casino platform to all holders.

• Total Supply: 130,000,000 tokens

• Smart contract: 0x67287BBF55Da69aB76A32dC87487097AD9b89c2b

• Available for sale: 69,500,000 tokens

• Price: $0.5 ~ $1 (depending on the particular round)

KCT security tokens are cryptographic tokens with many uses:

• Wagering at casino

• Purchasing services

• Trading on major crypto exchanges

• Receiving quarterly dividends

• Voting on significant changes to expects KCT security tokens to have a great potential for growth and liquidity thanks to the multiple uses, linkage to the company shares, and increasing scarcity due to the token burning program. It is a top priority to list KCT security token on major coin exchanges.

IEO launchpad details’s listing partners, P2PB2B and Latoken, list KCT security tokens and host its IEO. Plus, P2PB2B and Latoken are substantial angel investors in KCT who recognize the invaluable expertise in blockchain technology and online casino management as a superior investment opportunity. 

  • Latoken launchpad:
  • P2PB2B launchpad:
  • Accepted Currencies: BTC, ETH, USDT
  • Start Date: 06/04/2020
  • Discount: 50%
  • End Date: 29/06/2020
  • Round 1  (06/04 – 20/04):   $0.5/token
  • Round 2 (24/04 – 08/05): $0.8/token
  • Round 3 (11/05 – 25/05): $1.5/token
  • Round 4 (28/05 – 11/06): $1.6/token
  • Round 5 (15/06 – 29/06): $1.8/token

The investors can buy, sell and trade KCT security token on Latoken and P2PB2B exchange.  from 15 July, 2020

Expected Turnover and KCT Security Token Price

The business case harnesses advanced technology and an innovative approach together with expert management and high-level contacts to exploit the proven market of online gaming. Investors can expect to see a steady increase in market share, company and token price growth year on year.


  • Year 1: expects to generate a revenue of $350 million in the first year of operation, with an expected net profit of $28 million.
  •  Year 2: forecasts revenue of $700 million and a net profit of $56 million over the next business year.
  • Year 3-5:’s target is USD $5 billion of revenues in the next 5 years.

KCT Token Price

  • After a year, expects the token price will rise to above $5 and above $500 after 10 years.

Learn more about KCT security token:

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