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Jonathan Partouche
Jonathan Partouche

New York, 7th December 2021

NFT stands for non-fungible token, at a basic level, an NFT is a digital asset that links ownership to unique physical or digital items, such as works of art, real estate, music, or videos.

NFTs can be considered modern-day collectibles. They are bought and sold online and represent a digital proof of ownership of any given item. NFTs are securely recorded on a blockchain – the same technology behind cryptocurrencies – which ensures the asset is one-of-a-kind. 

Mr Jonathan Partouche, Founder & President of Damove NFT

“I have always been interested in new things, and I watch football a lot, so when I heard about Sorare, and it follows the underlying technology of blockchain. So, Sorare is a great case. I thought why the movie market can’t do this. Let alone the traditional film industry has begun to move mostly online. What we want to do is break the old movie dividend mode and any movie lover can get involved.” mentioned Mr Partouche.

Johnathan (Founder) is an entrepreneur, scientist & security engineer with wide experience in cyber security and regulatory compliance. He facilitates many of the day-to-day operations ensuring the company operates to the lofty standards promised to clients. 

“Our Board of Directors have an extensive experience working with the industry JP Morgan Chase, Royal Bank of Canada (RBC), Virgin Group, Eurostar TGV, Danone Group, BNP Paribas & Galeries Lafayette Groups, IBM, Police UK ICT Company, and many more” Mr Partouche added.

Damove employees come from 8 countries and regions, about 80% of employees work remotely outside France, more than half of them from emerging markets. The diversity of the team, as well as the background, experience, talent, knowledge, creativity, and appreciation of their individual differences, is the foundation of Damove competitive advantage. Based on the market, focusing on customer needs, they are committed to building a diverse team with diverse cultural backgrounds, skills, and knowledge.

2021 with the stormy favourable market, the NFT market is also rising, we can partly think that the NFT ushered in a high-gloss moment. 

NFT is still in its preliminary stages, as digital experiences such as markets, social networks, exhibitions, games, and virtual worlds are built, their usage scenarios will expand.

“Take Woody Allen’s new movie – Rifkin’s festival NFT project for example, you can get movie ticket, participate movie premiere with Woody Allen and other actors or even share box office revenue and royalties by purchase NFT. 

NFT is not only the “ticket” to obtain the artwork, but also stores the encrypted information verified by the artist, which is not only the value, but also the media, which has the value independent of the related material.”

In conclusion, we can say that NFT is just a new carrier, the core relies on high-quality content to generate value, especially in the initial stage, the NFT market is in urgent need of a large amount of content expansion.

Because of the uniqueness and non-splitting nature of NFT mentioned above, some areas of NFT fit well, such as art, games, electronic certificates, and authentication. In addition to the NFT can be used to certify assets (asset identification) to solve the trust problem, on the other hand, traditional entity assets through such certification, but also greatly improve the liquidity of assets, paintings, sculptures, and other works of art in the form of NFT, stored in the blockchain, not only strengthen anti-counterfeiting needs, but also improve the efficiency of transaction flow.

The main drawback of NFT is that buyers and sellers see it as legal currency in dollars, rather than as a medium for storing value and transactions. So, if you are not an experienced art collector and just want to get a quick financial return, you are bound to have to put a lot of effort into doing your research and finding the right investment target for your risk tolerance and interests in the vast sea of NFT.

DAMOVE is the Metaverse DAO – DeFi dedicated to the movie industry that enables producers, artists, brands, entities and move fans to interact through a suite of highly customized smart contracts in a well-curated Metaverse with optimal user experience.

DAO Metaverse reserved for NFT Holders, Secure wallets authentication of NFT holders granting access to the DAO, Seamless UX in the Metaverse

Exclusive & unique NFTs from world-renown movie producers granting profit-sharing & royalties for more than a decade

Metaverse Advanced social networking features. Integrated DAO compatible on any devices & OS with no latencies & military-graded security standards

Mint, View, share, exchange or resell NFTs on our Metaverse marketplace, Vertical NFT minting, deployment, and fulfilment for virtual & physical products connected to NFTs

Assets on the Internet are measured by traffic, but in the NFT world, because of having a globally unified monetary system, such as Ethereum, Bitcoin, civilization and cultural value can be measured by Ethereum, Bitcoin, which means those value can be directly reflected by money. Coupled with Ethereum’s underlying technology is global and no barrier, then the culture of each country will be reflected in the NFT. 

At the moment, there is a bubble in the NFT industry, like every cryptocurrency start-up. But the emergence of NFT is a huge change, changing the way people socialize and the way social capital exists. I think we may not be fully aware of what it means.

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