MetaPocket Successfully Launches APAC HQ In Hanoi

The world’s first and most popular GameFi-optimized digital wallet cemented its place in APAC on the 5th of July, 2022. On the 5th of July, MetaPocket opened their APAC headquarter in Hanoi and celebrated it with a soft launch as well as the release of their DeFi Limit Order Protocol.

With the project’s growing popularity in Vietnam, it only makes sense for the APAC HQ to be based out of Hanoi. The soft launch was joined by the team and many fans alike, all with the objective of community expansion. Given that MetaPocket is a community aggregator by nature, focusing on different parts of the world to grow the community is definitely a priority for the project team and the right way to go.

CEO James Mckennie also joined in on the festivities online, celebrating a new era for the MetaPocket Digital Wallet. While the current features of being compatible with multiple games and projects as well as the Yield Farming mechanism are already a strong offering by the MetaPocket team, the APAC HQ means that they can fully target the market and maximize the potential of the MetaPocket product. The DeFi Limit Order Protocol also allows users to snipe launch tokens at speeds they could never have done before, providing them with higher profits in a process called frontrunning.

MetaPocket’s next phase is off to a strong start – with its community increasing in size all over the world, it’s bound to be the one-stop for all users and developers when it comes to DeFi gaming!

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