MudAi Acquires Dashboard on Galxe

MudAi has acquired a dashboard on Galxe.

Galxe is the world’s top Web3 digital credential data network, released through Binance Launchpool on April 28, 2022. Galxe supports perfectly decentralized credentials for Web3 developers using credential data and NFTs, providing a secure and protective foundation for MudAi’s Metaverse user information and credentials.

Galxe applies strict criteria for the introduction of new projects to block access to fraudulent projects, but MudAi is also a selected project in Japan. Through a campaign conducted with Galxe, more than 3,000 Galxe users issued MudAi’s On-chain Achievement Tokens (OATs) and updated existing records.

Also, MudAi was selected for the Lunar New Year Campaign at the end of last year, attracting even more attention than before.

About MudAi

MudAi is a company and product that develops metaverse and MR applications using artificial intelligence technology, advanced 3DCG technology, and blockchain technology.

MudAi is currently aiming to develop super applications that will surely become indispensable in the future through unprecedentedly beautiful graphics and completely new forms of user experiences such as MR/VR.

MudAi wants to fundamentally change people’s lives through the applications on MR that MudAi provides, and we are creating the next generation of common sense while exploring more convenient forms.

The development of the metaverse is already underway, with a pre-alpha version available for participation in the browser within Discord; a demo version of the MR application will be released in Q1 2023.

Contact info

Email: [email protected]

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