NEOM Coin Plans Additional Listing on Global Exchanges to “Expand the Ecosystem.”


| NEOM Blockchain Confirms 2023 Annual Business Plan 

| Open Blockchain, Activate Network by Increasing DApps 

| NFT, Metaverse Expands NEOM Usage

NEOM has revealed its blockchain business strategy. It will specifically expand the listing of its virtual asset, NEOM Coin (hereinafter referred to as “NEOM”). NEOM is currently traded on the global exchange LBANK.

As of 9:00 am on February 1st, 1 NEOM is trading at 48 USDT on Lbank.

According to the virtual asset industry, NEOM Blockchain recently presented the following core businesses through the ‘2023 Annual Business Plan of NEOM Blockchain’ Open Networking of NEOM Blockchain Additional Listing of NEOM on Exchanges Partnerships with Payment Providers to Offer the Experience of Using NEOM in Real Life Launch the NFT Business in earnest Start Entertainment NFT Business Establish NEOM Metaverse Ecosystem.

“Listing on the exchange is a very important task for the popularization of the NEOM project and successful ecosystem expansion,” a person in charge of the NEOM blockchain said.

NEOM Blockchain intends to choose a listed exchange platform based on liquidity, correspondence with regulations, and operational capabilities. Several global exchanges are currently holding discussions in this regard.

In addition, NEOM will promote its blockchain-based services, such as NFT and Metaverse, which are expected to be marketable this year.

NEOM has already recently unveiled a roadmap to expand the blockchain ecosystem in various fields such as games, entertainment, metaverse, and financial services.

NEOM Blockchain is working with partners to develop the Metaverse platform and plans to launch the NFT collection ‘NEOM: Made New World’ in the second quarter.

According to a NEOM blockchain official, users will be able to use various IPs such as metaverse and NFT via the NEOM blockchain platform.

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