NFT Booking: The First Travel Industry Focused NFT Marketplace


Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) have become a rage this bull season as their popularity has led to more than $2.5 billion in sales in the first two quarters of 2021. The NFT mania started with the digital artist Beeple selling one of his digital art for a whopping $69 million. Since then, the NFT craze has only gone mainstream. Some of the most popular artists and celebrities have turned to NFT instead of traditional auctions and many auction houses have started to exclusively hold NFT auctions. Many crypto pundits believe the NFT craze has just started and it would only expand to become a multi-billion dollar industry on its own.

NFTs can be used in various forms and can be utilized by any industry to their benefit, for example, artists are destroying their original art to make it an NFT, boxing superstars are auctioning their most cherished memorabilia in NFT form. The first code to the world wide web was sold as an NFT nearly. Instagram is planning to launch a social media-based NFT marketplace, Similarly, NFTBooking is bringing the NFT tech to the travel industry that could change the way people travel. Built on top of the Binance Smart Chain, the BEP-20 token standard-based NFTs will ease the tourism recovery embracing the NFTs technology by becoming a window of opportunities for travelers and suppliers.

Empowering tourism through NFTs allows travel industry suppliers to create, store, and sell their services as NFT on the upcoming platform NFTBOOKING for free. The decentralized platform works on the BSC. The platform is powered by a deflationary utility token “BOOK”, and users will be able to use their token to claim or issue NFT’s. Partially the whole travel industry will start working again in 2022, with a full recovery by 2025. NFTBOOKING is working on a beta version, a number of users will be selected to test the platform. They will be rewarded for the number of issues they find and report.

How NFTBooking Can Revolutionize Travel Industry?

NFTBOOKING becomes the first travel marketplace where NFTs are reservation vouchers for users booking. They are safe to store, can be used, or can be sold if, for some reason, you don’t want to use the reservation anymore. And even after you use it, it will remain in your wallet (if you wish to) as a memory. It doesn’t end here! An NFT booking can be more than a hotel room. It could also be an outdoor activity or even a combination of both.

The platform aims to etch users’ travel experience on a blockchain to make it unique and even valuable. The platform is currently in beta mode and aims to get listed on Coingecko and CoinmarketCap. Some of the key goals of the platform include,

  • ease the tourism recovery by embracing the NFT’s technology, by becoming a window of opportunities for travelers and suppliers.
  • Educate suppliers on how to approach the cryptocurrency world, from creating a wallet, to selling NFTs in different ways.
  • Offer a free, friendly platform to the travel industry market to create, store, sell and buy NFT
  • Massive marketing strategy and meetings to begin to bring as many suppliers as possible from all over the world to join the project, starting from Europe and the US.

The platform’s reward program would allow users will get a reward every time they buy an NFT booking. Plus an extra if they are the ones that benefit from that booking and after they do a review about it. This reward is valid for users that buy with BOOK token. The creator receives 5% of the amount they paid, in BOOK, right after the purchase. And 5% extra after the review is submitted. Users that buy with Fiat currency will also get a reward, but this will be 2,5% and 2,5%


BOOK is the default currency on the NFTBOOKING platform. BOOK has a total supply of 1 billion tokens. 90% of the liquidity Pool is locked for the initial two years, while 10% gets unlocked weekly through 24 weeks. No one can ever change the code, because ownership of the contract has been renounced on day one. Every week a percentage of BK is burned, decreasing the total supply. A full-code audit on our smart contract has passed.

  • Extracted BOOK: 50% burn, 30% reward program, 10% giveaways, 10% stability reserve;
  • Extracted BNB: 50% marketing, 25% business development, 15% donations, 10% stability reserve.

There is a small 1% transaction fee built-in that goes into three different wallets handled by NFTbooking for the following functions:


NFTs could be the revival guide for the tourism industry and NFTBooking could become the pioneer of the NFT marketplace in the travel industry.

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