NFT & Template Sharing Platform TVS Project Signs Partnership with Envato

The TVS Project Foundation announced on the 27th that it had signed a partnership with Envato, the world’s largest template download platform.

Envato is the world’s largest template platform with more than 1 billion community users by signing partnerships with the world’s top companies such as Google, Microsoft, and Netflix.

In addition, the TVS token’s own TVS wallet (TVS token wallet) development is almost complete and will be released soon.

TVS token holders can transfer NFTs and TFTs through Ethereum blocks that boast strong security by linking the TVS wallet and TVS network.

As proof of the industry’s high expectations for TVS tokens, already established partners and advisors are also gorgeous.

According to foreign media such as Blockchain News Portal, TVS Token has signed a partnership with ‘Opensea’, the world’s largest global NFT marketplace, and ‘Freepik’, a famous template platform.

An official from the TVS Foundation said, “The private funding round, which is expected to be attended by a large number of virtual asset investors from all over the world, is also expected to be successful, which will serve as an important starting point for the successful completion of the TVS project.”