NFTAuction.Exchange AMA Recap

NFTAuction.Exchange hosts NFTAuction.Exchange: The NFTACE Protocol is a community driven, fair launched DeFi Token.

Question 1: What is your project?

Answer:  We want to create NFT platform that will allow anyone to create and list Non-fungible token (Abbreviated as NFT) without any difficulty. This means that regardless of age, origin and income level, the user will have equal opportunities with famous artists, singers and designers to monetize their digital content from their Domain, Photos, Music, MEMES… other services where you can buy , sell and exchange digital items.

As NFTAuction (here’s the name of the project) is an open organization, anyone anywhere can join to provide expertise or additional resources with the goal of NFTAuction successful growth.

Question 2: In what ways is your project different from other NFT projects?

Answer: The project is developed by everyone, not just celebrities and influencers. So if you have special works of art or digital goods you can sell them or conversely, you want to invest in a product that can be profitable in the long run, you can buy it.

Question 3: Who is the project manager?

Answer:  The project was created by Rabin Tagore’s idea, he gathered a group of members from around the world like Colin, Mr. Bridges, Roberson…

This is a decentralized project (Acronym: DAO) so anyone can participate in the development of the project, anyone, anywhere if you have the capacity, responsibility and enthusiasm, you can all be a part of the project.

Question 4: Can we create and sell our own NFT?

Answer:  That, of course, is our aim. You can create, can upload to the marketplace to sell and trade whenever you want. You will have your own booth. You can use ACE to buy and sell digital goods.

Question 5: Our benefits when participating in your project?

Answer:  When you are an ACE token holder, you are rewarded from every transaction that takes place, so if you are a long-term holder, your wealth will not stop growing. With our built-in 3% redistribution on every transaction, your funds will increase more and more while you hold our token. Moreover you can also easily participate in the NFT market and increase your profits easily. Even if every transaction on the NFT market you will get a reward.

Question 6: Do you have a project development plan?

Answer:  This month, we will carry out the construction of the first steps of the project publicity plan, the big plans will be implemented next month. You can check our roadmap. We will update any new information on our social media and telegram groups.

Question 7: Anything safe so I can trust the project?

Answer:  We will audit the contract, the liquidity is locked for at least 1 year. Look at everything about the project, this is the heart of the development team, we are working hard and you will see our seriousness and vision.

Question 8: Will you embrace big names in the crypto world or partner with well-known influencers?

Answer:  Yes, we will partner with influential and famous people around the world. We will be looking for partners in the crypto market in general and the NFT market in particular to develop the project.

Currently, we have received several approvals from music artists and basketball players… and other influencers, several newspapers and organizations are also very interested project.

Question 9: Will soon be listed on the big market or on Coingecko or coinmarketcap ?

Answer: This is a question that will surely interest a lot of people, but no one can answer this precisely because a project takes time to develop and build a good community. Our plan is that at least after 1 month we will pass the censors of Coingecko and Coinmarketcap, 3 quarter of 2021 we will complete that roadmap.

Question 10:  Can you tell us the motivation and benefits for investors to invest in a long investment and what plans do you have to help drive demand and scarcity? and what plans do you have to grow the community?

Answer:  Yes, as said, the advantage of NFTAuction is the redistribution to the owner, which will help the owner to hold it for a long time and benefit from the community transactions, moreover, we will proceed Token burning practice creates scarcity and promotes the value of these Tokens according to previously set routes. Holding tokens for a long time has the advantage because their value is increasing, your assets will accumulate a lot. Community development relies on promotional plans to reach a large number of people and show people the potential of the project that will motivate people to participate and build the community together. When people see the potential and value that the project brings, they will actively participate.

Question 11: Where do we follow you?









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