OPP[Open Proprietary Protocol] presents a new next-generation decentralized network digital content platform.

Decentralized platforms are attracting a lot of attention worldwide. In particular, as interest in the governance system increases worldwide, new governance ideas are being submitted in various business platforms beyond corporate and national governance.

This hope means that governance systems will soon become platform competitiveness in the future. Reflecting this, the decentralized digital platform OPP has introduced a democratic governance system that provides equal benefits and rewards for both content creators and consumers.

The core value of digital content platforms is the provision of high-quality digital content, so content creators who supply it are the most important factor. In order to support and promote content creators’ activities, ownership of their creations must be guaranteed.

OPP pursues the essence of the content platform business by protecting content creators’ ownership and effectively distributing it to consumers. On top of that, OPP’s unique NFT system is utilized, which is not just a digital NFT work, but an NFT that includes utility functions.

In the future, OPP will continue to build a decentralized governance-based digital content platform with leading content creators along with various partners.

The OPP platform is currently developing a demo version and is committed to developing it for a successful launch. We are also partnering with famous IP companies to expand the OPP platform.

You can find more information about OPP at the URL below.

  • Website – http://opp-pj.io
  • Twitter – https://twitter.com/OPP_official_EN
  • Telegram – https://t.me/opp_official_global
  • Medium – https://medium.com/@oppmid2021
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