Play, Engage, Earn, And More In The QQS Metaverse

QQS is a metaverse project that prides itself on its ability to combine the best parts of Amazon, YouTube and Facebook, allowing users to shop, play, consume and create content, earn, interact with friends and more in a fully immersive metaverse experience. It will launch later this year, and is currently undergoing their (extremely popular) presale to raise funds for the project, which has received a lot of good exposure thus far.

QQS is a tokenized decentralized platform that promises an immersive virtual experience with stunning visualizations and user experience. Within the metaverse – termed QQ World – users will own real estate in QQS NFTs, and there are multiple tokens within the QQS universe that will be used to improve users’ experience and earning opportunities. The native token that these is all based on is the QQT token.

Many Metaverse enthusiasts have rushed to purchase their QQT tokens as the offerings from QQS are largely unprecedented, giving users opportunities that they haven’t had yet in other metaverse projects. QQS will be a hub that attracts and brings together people from all walks of life and with varied interests, and this vast user base will bring profits through several means such as advertising, sponsorship, playing games, NFT ownership, content creation and more.

One of the most exciting features coming up is the QQ Card that will be available in both Visa and Unionpay, allowing users to Spend To Earn, earning up to 15.75% rebate on products purchased. This will be in addition to emission daily rewards earned, which comes from the core QQT Burn To Earn functionality.

While it’s definitely one of the most rewarding upcoming Metaverse projects, QQS has been selling out during their presale every day, so you might not be able to grab it even if you wanted to. Be quick and you might get the best gains!

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